Saturday, January 1, 2011

Safeway, 12/29-1/1

Safeway has a good promotion running through today (Saturday).  Buy 5 specific products and get $5 off your order.


Buy 5, Get $5 Promotion
12 bags of Kraft Cheese @ $2.50 ea.
- $1/2 Kraft Cheese printable or $1/1 Kraft Cheese printable (no longer available)
4 bags of marshmallows @ $1.50 ea.
- no coupons
4 Wheat Thins @ $2.00 ea.
- $1/1 Wheat Thins printable (no longer available) or $1/2 Nabisco printable
- $15 taken off my order because I purchased 15 items
=  $11.96 total (used four $1/1 Kraft, four $1/2 Kraft and four $1/1 Wheat Thins)


2 Baker's Chocolate
- $1/2 Baker's Chocolate printable
= $2.50 ea. (this might be cheaper somewhere else but it's hard to find sales on Baker's Chocolate)!!

TOTAL: $81.38

NOTE:  This cheese turns out to be $1 for a 1/2 lb. of cheese (the same price as Costco), however, I like having a variety of cheeses in single serve bags instead of in the large Costco bags.  They also happen to have the Parmesan cheese as a part of this sale and it is very difficult to find shredded parmesan in single serve bags for $1 for a 1/2 lb.  They have a new "authentic" Mexican cheese blend that comes with queso, asadero and manchego cheeses.  Yum, yum.  I LOVE authentic Mexican cheese (especially for quesadillas).

NOTE: After the above coupons and the $5 promotion wyb 5 items, the price for each item was:

KRAFT CHEESE: $.50-$1.00 for 8oz. of cheese (depending on your coupon)
KRAFT MARSHMALLOWS: $.49 cents for a bag of marshmallows
WHEAT THINS: FREE or $.50 cents (depending on your coupon)

NOTE: Safeway had their Baker's Chocolate on sale for $3 ea.  Turns out the Baker's Chocolate is cheaper at WinCo Foods.  The regular price for Baker's Chocolate at WinCo. Foods is $2.22 ea. (which is less than what I paid at Safeway with a coupon and their sale).   I used a coupon at WinCo. and scored the Baker's Chocolate for $1.72 ea. instead of the $2.50 ea. at Safeway with a coupon and their sale price.  Sheesh.  Safeway is so expensive.


  1. Sounds like Food Lion out here. Their prices are so high, but every so often they'll have a good promotion like the $5/5.

    Does WinCo accept coupons?

  2. Yep, WinCo does accept coupons but doesn't double. No one doubles out here. It's a wasteland for couponers (except for the drugstores). LOL.

  3. Yeah! Winco receives some of the praise it deserves! Sarah W.

  4. Sarah, I totally agree (minus their produce and horrible customer service).

    I would give my right arm for a Publix grocery store right about now. Excellent cart-to-door service, free groceries every week, and free cookies and balloons for your children everytime you come into the store. I (heart) Publix.

  5. Sarah, do you have time to hang out this week or are you crazy busy? I would love to see you. Would you like to come over for lunch and playtime? I can set up a pack-n-play for your little one. Let me know. I miss you!