Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rite-Aid, 1/9-1/15

We headed out to Panera for coffee this morning.  Jason decided that he wanted to teach Savannah how to play Carcassonne (you're never too young to learn to play strategy games in this family).  We drove around the city looking for houses because we are thinking of moving closer to Jason's work this summer.  We stumbled upon a neighborhood that was prepped for new houses but was totally empty.  There were several streets that had been laid out with electrical and water taps but they were completely empty.  This is a sign of the economy here in this part of the country.  This particular area has looked like this for several years.  The land looked so eerie that I had to snap a photo.

After our drive through the ghost of homebuilding's past we headed to the airport to pick up Jason's mom and little brother Stephen. They will be staying with us for a few days so we are excited to have them here!

TOTAL: $144.16

NOTE: I had so much overage on my Motrin PM and my Tylenol Precise Pain patches that I bought four Purex laundry detergents (which were B1G1).  The store was out of 8oz. bags of Wonderful Pistachios so the store manager marked down the 16oz. bags for me so that I could still get some pistachios.  What a great store manager right?

NOTE: I still had a balance on my gift card from my previous return so I didn't have any OOP for this shop.

NOTE: I was taking my bag out of the cart so that I could carry my groceries outside when all of a sudden my bag with the laundry detergent slipped and cracked open on the floor damaging everything that was inside the bag.  The store gave me replacement laundry detergent but they were out of stock on the Motrin PM so I just took the containers out of the damaged boxes. 


  1. As usual, another GREAT shop! :) I can't believe how big your girls are getting! It seems like yesterday when you were posting that you were getting a 'newborn' :). I sure do miss your Publix posts, lol!!!

  2. Hi Bethany. How is your sweet daughter doing? Thanks for your post; it's great hearing from you. I miss Publix too.

  3. Savannah's looking good as the coupon girl. Also, Jason's momma is pretty!!! Lovely photos Kel, love you!!!