Saturday, November 19, 2011

Albertsons, LLC 11/16-11/23

I finally ventured out to do my very first shop here in my new city.  I haven't been accumulating any inserts the last 6 weeks so I used internet printables for my entire shop (except for the two peelies for the orange juice which I peeled almost 4 months ago).  It was fun to realize that I could save money even if I didn't purchase a single newspaper insert.

For all you newbies out there.....give this little shop a try.

I did have a little trouble at the register but the cashier was able to put all of my coupons through.  My Imperial sugar coupons wouldn't scan so I had to show him the sugars so that he could see that I purchased the correct sizes, etc.  A few of my other coupons wouldn't scan either but he just looked at the items and then pushed the coupons through.  The Idahoan potato coupon had to be adjusted because the potatoes are $.99 cents and the coupon is for $1.  Great shopping experience.  Thankfully I had some patient folks behind me.  I gave the lady behind me a few coupons for her transaction too; this is always a good idea if you have time!

We had a pretty busy week at the Webster household full of some patience-building moments.  Unfortunately, I failed to have patience for most of them.  Pray for me!  This was a pretty discouraging week as my little one is causing me to fully understand just how rebellious my own heart is.  I am becoming convinced that the Lord put her in my life to teach me about my own sin.  This week was filled with nosebleeds, half-eaten tubes of toothpaste, two full sippy cups of milk thrown on the carpet, ripped-up books, and many attempts at stealing cookies off the kitchen counter along with several attempts to make "pee-pee" in the potty which produced nothing.  I know that may not sound like much but this all happened in one day. 

Did I mention that I'm also having hot flashes from menopause through all of this?

Really, please pray for me.  I sometimes struggle to see the big picture when I'm dealing with my children.  I could really use some encouragement to love them right now. 

OK, here's the shop...

Click on picture to expand.  Please read all of the notes below for more information. My Albertsons policy is to triple coupons up to 35¢ and double coupons up 50¢. My Albertsons will double/triple up to 4 like coupons per transaction.

2 Idahoan Potatoes $.99 cents ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Idahoan Potatoes printable (make a potato character and then enter contest; coupon will pop up)

6 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $.99 ea. (sale price)
- $1/2 Pillsbury Crescent printable
- $.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent printable, printable and printable
= $.50 cents ea.

4 Campbells Cooking Soups $.75 cents ea. (sale price)
- $1/4 Campbells coupon - must ask for at register
= $.50 cents ea. - must buy 4 to use register coupon

2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce $.99 cents ea. (sale price)
- $.50/2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce printable
= $.50 cents ea. - limit 4

2 Evaporated Milk $1.09 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/2 Evaporated Milk printable
= $.59 cents ea.

2 Chinet Guest Towels $1.59 ea.
- $1/1 any Chinet product printable (sign up for club and receive coupon in email)
= $.59 cents ea. - **see note below

9 Steamfresh vegetables $.99 ea. (sale price)
- $1/3 Steamfresh vegetables printable (click on red pair of scissors on the right)
= $.66 cents ea.

3 Imperial Sugar (powdered and brown sugar) $1.99 ea. (sale price)
- $.75/1 printable or printable 
= $1.25 ea.

3 Honey Nut Cheerios $2.33 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios printable and printable and printable
= $1.33 ea. - must buy 3 to get this price

2 Tropicana 59oz. Orange Juice $2.50 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Tropicana 59oz. peelie
= $1.50 ea. - limit 2

2 Gold Medal 5lb. Flour $2.29 ea. (sale price)
- $.25/1 Gold Medal printable (click on blue banner on upper right)
= $1.54 ea.

1 Imperial 4lb. sugar $2.79 ea. (sale price)
- $.75/1 printable
= $1.79 ea.

4 Smucker's Uncrustables $2.89 ea. (sale price) and $2.99 ea. (regular price)
- $1/1 Smucker's Uncrustables printable and printable
= $1.89 ea. or $1.99 ea.

2 Nestle Tollhouse Chips $2.50 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/2 Nestle Chips printable or 11/6 RP
= $2.00 ea.

4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.25 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
= $1.25 ea. - must buy 4 to get this price

1 Cool Whip $.99 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
= $.99 cents ea.

1 Duncan Hines Cake Mix $.99 cents ea. (sale price)
no coupons
= $.99 cents ea.

TOTAL: $122.70

CHINET GUEST TOWELS: I will use the Chinet guest towels as napkins for Thanksgiving as they look exactly the same as the Chinet napkins!  These napkins rang up wrong at the register (store tag said that they were $1.59 so I got one for free)!

CHINET NAPKIN DEAL: Make sure you read the store tag when buying these items.  I was going to do a different Chinet deal that I saw advertised in the Albertsons online-ad and when I looked at the tag it said that I had to buy 3 of the items to get the sale price even though this was never mentioned in the ad!

ALBERTSONS AD: These deals are for the Albertsons LLC.  Apparently, there is a different store called Albertsons in other states.  Please check your local ad to make sure that you are in our region. For example, Los Angeles uses a different ad.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

No Rite-Aid stores in my area....

We just moved and I was feeling fairly settled tonight so I thought that I would do a search in my area to find out where my local Rite-Aid is located.  Guess what?

There are NO Rite-Aid stores here.  I'm feeling a little bummed as I'm really going to miss shopping at Rite-Aid.  I'll start posting my Kroger grocery store shops here in about a month.  I also have a local Tom Thumb which is just like a Safeway store so I'll probably post my shops there too.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone.  Hope you're all doing well.  Sorry I won't be able to post anymore Rite-Aid shops here to help ya'll!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Publix, 10/13-10/19 (Florida Ad)

Unadvertised B1G1 sale on Marzetti dressing; love that dressing!

Sunset tonight from our balcony; spectacular gift from our Father.
At the Daddy/Daughter Chick-Fil-A date night!
Sweet treats for the young lady!
Eating pizza on the deck tonight.
Hubby smiling for the camera.

Made a quick stop at Publix to pick up a few items before the "One Stop, One Store" coupons expire today.  I wanted to get some more candles for housewarming gifts and some trash bags since there was a great sale this week! on picture to expand....

6 Covergirl Eyeshadows $2.99 ea. (regular price)
2 Covergirl Lip Gloss $4.99 ea. (regular price)
- $8/2 Covergirl face product Q from 10/2 P&G
= FREE (combined lip gloss with eyeshadow) or $2.02 overage (two eyeshadows together)

6 Airwick 3oz. candles $3.49 ea. (regular price)
- $5/2 Airwick candles from "One stop, One Store" booklet
- B2G1 Airwick 3oz. candles from 9/18 SS
= FREE + $1.04 in overage wyb six candles

2 Marzetti Simply Dressing $3.69 (unadvertised B1G1)
- $2/1 Marzetti Simply Dressing from 7/24 SS or 9/11 SS (regional)
= FREE + $.31 cents overage wyb 2

2 Extra Gum $1.09 ea. (regular price)
- $1/2 Extra gum Target printable (grocery section)
- $1/2 Extra gum from 9/25 SS
= $.09 cents ea.

2 Tazo Teas $4.29 ea. (regular price)
- $1/1 Tazo Teas Target printable (grocery section)
- $1/1 Tazo Teas from 9/11 SS
= $2.29 ea.

1 Glad Trash bag 20 ct. $4.00 ea. (sale price)
- $.75/1 any Glad product from "One Stop, One Store" booklet
- $.75/1 any Glad trash from 10/2 PG
= $2.50 ea.


Black Forest Ham $4.75
no coupons
= $4.75

2 Arnold Bread $4.29 ea. (B1G1)
no coupons
= $2.14 ea.

Pears $.88 cents lb.
no coupons
= $1.73

TOTAL: $82.89
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS AND GIFT CARD: $1.25 (should have been $6.45)

NOTE: I gave the cashier 6 coupons for Lipton tea and didn't buy any. I was looking at the Lipton tea and then moved my coupons over and then got distracted by the Tazo tea and completely forgot to put the Lipton tea in my cart.  I was pretty excited about getting my Tazo tea.  :)  I will have to go back this week and pay the store for those coupons.  I owe them $5.20.

NOTE: I used a "Get a $10 Publix gift card when you spend $50" last week (apparently only for certain counties in FL).  I used that gift card to pay for part of my balance this week.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

5TH UPDATE: Publix, 10/6-10/12 (Florida ad)

Our Publix haul; stocked up on pasta, feta and talenti gelato!
My second shop today on the way home from Chick-Fil-A!
3rd trip to Publix!  I won't be near a Publix for several years!
5th UPDATE: Everything in stock today!

Our new shell collection which was gathered by my hubby!

The sunset from our balcony; very relaxing.

We're ready to shop mom; no major meltdowns today....yeah!

Had to run out again to get my favorite mascara and Olay Regenerist!

FREE Inserts from the recycling bins!

What a lovely view from our room; I love the ocean!

 Hello everyone!  Reporting from Florida this week.  I think that we are going to be here until the end of the month so I'm excited to stock up on some great items!  I'll be adding another post sometime over the next few weeks since I got a few rainchecks today!

I'll post details later.....I'm off to Chick-Fil-A with the girls.  Looking forward to some great playtime on the jungle gym.

2ND UPDATE: Stopped by the Publix on the way home from Chick-Fil-A to pick up some more pasta, tea and Talenti.  I just couldn't pass up the Talenti since EarthFare is a competitor here and the coupons are "redeemable at Earth Fare only!"  I have done pretty well here even though they have true B1G1 in Florida.  I thought that would slow me down but I'm very thankful to stock up on pasta again since I was almost out when I was living in CA.

I'll be heading back next week to get my Pepperidge Farm Goldfish bread.  I picked up two rainchecks for 5 deals each for a total of 20 packages of bread.  I'm going to have to go and find my freezer in storage and plug it in so that I have a place to put all of that sandwich bread!

3RD UPDATE: We went out to the recycling bins this morning and grabbed a bunch of inserts that I was missing for the last month.  Found several P&G inserts so I headed back to Publix with my monemaker and got some more pasta, covergirl, tea and babyfood.

Click on pictures to expand....

18 Covergirl Eyeshadows or brow shapers $2.99 ea. (regular price)
- $8/2 Covergirl face product Q from 10/2 P&G
= FREE + $2.02 overage

6 Covergirl powder puff $2.49 ea. (regular price)
- $8/2 Covergirl face product Q from 10/2 P&G
= FREE + $3.02 in overage wyb 2

24 Dove Deoderant 2.6 oz. $2.99 (B1G1)
- $3/3 Dove Deoderant from Green Advantage Flyer
- $.75/1 Dove Deoderant from 10/2 RP
= FREE + $1.53 in overage wyb 6

6 AirWick Candles 5.2 oz. $3.99 ea. (sale price)
- $5/2 Air Wick Candles from One Stop One Store booklet
- $2/1 Air Wick Candles from 9/18 SS
= FREE + $1.02 in overage wyb 2

4 Olay Regenerist Cleanser $6.99 ea. ($3 off sale price...$3.99)
- $3/1 Olay regenerist cleanser Q from 10/2 PG
- $2/2 Olay regenerist cleanser Target Q from 9/25 RP
= FREE + $.01 cent overage wyb 2

8 Beech Nut BabyFood $.55 cents ea. (B1G1)
- $1/8 Beech Nut blinkie  or $1/3 printable or $2/16 printable
= $.02 cents ea.

64 Mueller Pasta $1.39 ea. (B1G1)
- $1/2 Mueller Pasta blinkie (found in store last week) or $.55/1 printable (sign up)
= $.15 cents ea.

3 Mueller Whole Wheat Pasta $1.39 ea. (B1G1)
- $.55/1 Mueller Whole Wheat Pasta from 8/21 SS
= $.15 cents ea.

4 Airwick 3oz. candles $3.99 ea. (sale price)
2 Airwick 3oz. candles $3.49 ea. (regular price)
- $5/2 Airwick candle from One Stop, One Store booklet
- B2G1 Buy two 3oz. candle get one 3oz. candle  from 9/18 SS
= $.16 cents ea.

2 Covergirl Lashblast $7.49 ea. (regular price)
2 Covergirl powder puffs $2.49 ea. (regular price)
- $8/2 Covergirl face product Q from 10/2 P&G
- $2/2 Covergirl Lashblast Target Q from 9/25 RP
= $.49 per item

2 Athenos Crumbled Feta $2.59 ea. (B1G1)
- $.75/1 Athenos Feta blinkie (found in store last week)
= $.55 cents ea.

2 Marie's Yogurt Salad Dressing $3.29 (B1G1)
- $1/1 Marie's Yogurt Salad Dressing from 8/21 SS
= $.64 cents ea.

10 Lipton Specialty Teas $1.99 ea. (regular price)
- $1/1 Lipton Specialty Teas (publix Q found on display)
- $.60/2 Lipton tea bags printable
= $.69 cents ea.

2 Progresso Italian Bread Crumbs $1.97 ea. (B1G1)
no coupons
= $.98 cents ea.

2 Sunsweet Noir Prunes $2.00 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Sunsweet Noir Prunes from Greenwise Magazine Fall
= $1.00 ea.

4 Talenti Gelato $4.69 ea. (B1G1)
- $1/1 Talenti Gelato printable (redeemable at Earth Fare only)
= $1.35 ea.

2 Klondike Bars $3.33 ea. (sale price)
- $1.50 Klondike bars (publix Q found on display)
= $1.83 ea.

2 Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil $5.99 ea. (regular price)
- B1G1 Crisco 16oz. Publix Q from 9/25 SS
- $1/1 Crisco oil blinkie (found in store about a month ago)
= $1.99 ea.

2 Simply Potatoes $3.00 ea. (sale price)
- $1/2 Simply Potatoes Publix Q from 9/25 SS
= $2.50 ea.

PF Chang Home Meal for two $7.49 ea. (regular price)
- $2.50/1 PF Chang Publix Q (found on kiosk)
- $1/1 PF Chang Meal from 9/18 RP
= $3.99 ea.

2 Olay Regenerist serum $16.69 ea. (sale price)
- $10/2 Olay Regenerist Q from 9/25 RP
- $2/2 Olay Regenerist Target Q from 9/25 RP
= $10.69 ea. (a good price considering this is usually about $22 a package)

1/4 Seedless Watermelon $4.08
no coupons
= $4.08 

4 Apples $1.29 a lb
no coupons
= $2.46

4 Nectarines $1.99 lb
no coupons
= $3.10

4 Plum tomatoes $1.49 lb.
no coupons
= $1.19

1 Red onion $1.49 lb.
no coupons
= $1.07

1 Garlic $3.29 lb.
no coupons
= $.46 cents

1 Golden Acorn Squash $.99 cents lb.
no coupons
= $1.17

1 bunch bananas $.69 cents lb.
no coupons
= $1.99

1 Publix coffee filters $1.29 ea.
no coupons
= $1.29 ea.

2 Covergirl $2.99 & $7.49 (regular price)
- $8/2 Covergirl from 10/2 P&G
= $1.24 ea.

1 Kid's Aquafresh Toothpaste $2.19 ea. (regular price)
no coupons
= $2.19 ea.

1 Set of 8x8 Foil bake pans $3.89 ea. (regular price)
no coupons
= $3.89 ea.

1 Aquafresh Extreme $3.09 ea. (regular price)
- $.75/1 Aquafresh from One Stop, One Store booklet
- $1/1 Aquafresh Extreme Q from 9/11 RP
= $1.34 ea.

1 24pk of Publix water $3.99 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
= $3.99 ea.

1 Naked Juice 32oz. $4.99 ea. (regular price)
- $1/1 Naked Juice 32oz. from Greenwise magazine Fall
= $3.99 ea.

1 Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix $2.49 ea. (regular price)
- $.40/1 Betty Crocker cookie mix from 10/2 GM
= $2.09 ea.

1 Vigo Kalamata Olives $3.29 ea. (regular price)
no coupons
= $3.29 ea.

1 Smucker's Uncrustables $2.00 ea. (Yellow Advantage price)
no coupons
= $2.00 ea.

TOTAL: $585.98

NOTE: I just went looking for information on the $.55/1 Mueller Whole Wheat Pasta and couldn't find it in the Hot Coupon World Database.  I searched for the coupon and found it in the 8/21 SS but every website I found indicated that it expired on 9/30 of this year.  I didn't notice that when I clipped it today.  I just stumbled upon the coupon while looking for another coupon and thought, "hey I think that's on sale this week."  All that to say, Publix will still be reimbursed for it, however, you might want to ask at customer service before using it.

NOTE: The watermelon seemed expensive since a whole watermelon was $8.  I decided to get the quarter though because I like to SEE my watermelon (I have eaten several bad ones this summer).

NOTE: Some of the babyfood jars rang up at $.65 cents (BeechNut Stage 2.5, homestyle textures pears).  Just be careful when you pick out your babyfood.  Make sure they are B1G1 at the register.

NOTE: I gave away two Dove deodorants to my cashier and one Covergirl mascara to the store manager.  We had a nice chat about couponing.  She is a really sweet lady!  UPDATE: I gave away 6 bags of cat treats and a candle to my cashier (don't have a cat)!!  She is a really sweet cashier and I just love seeing her every week at this Publix in FL.

NOTE: I will sell some of these items at my garage sale.  I will make about $70 on the deodorant, powder puffs, eyeshadow, brow pencils and candles.  Selling these items constitutes a large portion of my grocery budget for the year.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Publix, 9/8-9/14 (Florida ad)

Just posting a little Publix shop that I did yesterday.  After spending a year in CA without Publix I was overjoyed to be saving "real" money on my groceries.  I spent about $18 (after a $10 off $50 coupon that was only for the FL market). 

I'm excited about getting so much pasta sauce.  This will last me for several months on my once-a-month cooking plan.  I purchased 20 jars for the price of 3 jars which is an excellent deal (that includes what I paid out of pocket for the 20 coupons that I purchased on EBAY).  I just want all of you that are learning to see that if you don't have alot of time to coupon you can always purchase coupons off of EBAY for items that you know that you will use and then get them for the least expensive price.  I paid $3.90 for my coupons and I paid $3.90 for the sauce after coupons.  Total of $7.80 for 20 jars of pasta sauce. 

20 Barilla Pasta Sauce $2.39 (B1G1)
- $1/1 Barilla Pasta Sauce from 8/28 SS
= $.19 cents ea.

1 Publix Toasted Oats Cereal $2.49 ea. (regular price
- $1/1 any Publix cereal (found on kiosk)
= $1.49 ea.

1 Huggies Mega Wipes 216ct. $5.99 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/1 Huggies wipes from 8/14 SS (no doubling in FL)
- $1.50/1 Huggies wipes from "Big Deals for Baby" booklet
= $3.99 ea.

2 Kashi Entrees $2.50 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Kashi Entree printable or $.75/1 printable
= $1.50 ea.

3 Naked Juice $2.50 ea. (in-store sale price)
$1.50/3 catalina
= $2.00 ea.

6 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish $1.00 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
= $1.00 ea.

1 Milk $3.89 ea.
no coupons
= $3.89 ea.

TOTAL: $102.98

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hanging out in FL...

I'll be in Florida for the next few months while my husband trains for his new position.  No Rite-Aid here.  We're in the Clearwater area.  I'll check back with you guys in a few months.  For now, I'm shopping at Publix (my all time favorite store).

What's going on with you guys  How is everyone doing with their Rite-Aid couponing? 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rite-Aid, 7/31-8/6

I will miss you guys the next few months and hope that you will do well in the stores.  Just remember to keep it all in perspective.  Last week was a tough week at the register due to the glitch with the $3/15 survey coupon but I didn't have any problems this week. I still really enjoy shopping at Rite-Aid and I think that my enthusiasm comes from having built really good relationships in the store.  I would encourage all of you to be kind and courteous to your cashiers and thank them for the good job that they do!

Buy $30 in listed products, Get $10 UP Reward 
4 Bengay $4.39 ea.  w/20% discount (reg. $5.49)
2 Bengay Cold Therapy $7.19 ea. w/20% discount (reg. 8.99)
- $2/1 Bengay in-ad coupon
- $3/1 Bengay from 6/19 RP, 7/24 RP, 7/31 RP or printable
- $5/1 Bengay Cold Therapy printable
- prints $10 UP Reward wyb $30 in listed products - limit 2
= FREE + $12.06 in overage after UP Reward (use six $2/1, four $3/1 and two $5/1)

Buy $25 in Oral Care products, get $5 UP Reward Deal 
4 Crest ProHealth Rinse $5.00 ea. (sale price)
- $2/1 Crest ProHealth Rinse from 7/31 PG
- SCR $10 Rebate wyb 4 Crest ProHealth here - limit 1
 1 Oral-B 3D Action Power Toothbrush $5.99 ea. (sale price) 
- $3/1 any Oral-B Battery Toothbrush from 7/31 PG
- SCR $2.99 Rebate here - limit 1 
- prints $5 UP Reward wyb $25 of any Oral Care products - limit 1
= FREE + $2.00 in overage wyb 4 Crest and 1 Oral-B after UP Rewards and rebates

4 Revlon Emery Boards $1.25 ea. (reg. price)
- $1/1 Revlon Tool from 7/31 SS or printable (no longer available)
- SCR $1.50 Rebate here wyb $5 in product - limit 1
= FREE + $.50 cents in overage after rebate

2 Fusion ProGlide Razor $8.79 ea. w/20% dis. (sale $9.99 ea.)
- $4/1 Fusion ProGlide from 7/31 PG
- prints $5 UP Reward - limit 2
= FREE + $.21 cents in overage after UP Reward

4 Trident Layers multi-pack $1.99 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/1 Trident, Rite-Aid vv printable (Great Offers section)
- prints $1 UP Reward - limit 2
= $.49 cents ea. after UP Reward

2 Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Kit $12.79 ea. w/20% dis. (reg. $15.99)
- $2/1 Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away printable
- $10 UP Reward wyb $20 in Dr. Scholl's footcare - limit 2
- $3 Rite-Aid Survey coupon 
= $4.29 ea. after UP Reward

4 Pampers Cruisers Jumbo pack $9.50 ea. (sale price)
- $2/1 Pampers Cruisers from 7/31 PG
- prints $4 UP Reward wyb 2 - limit 4
- $3 Rite-Aid Survey coupon
= $4.75 ea. after UP Reward wyb 2

5 Gillette Fusion Pro Skincare Hydration $8.99 (B1G1 50%)
- $2/1 Gillette Fusion Skincare from 7/31 PG
- prints $10 UP Reward wyb $30 in listed P&G products - limit 1
= $2.83 ea. (5th item rang up with my 20% discount at $7.19)

TOTAL: $227.74

NOTE: My balance was $38.79 but I paid for my items with the cash from my Rite-Aid rebate check.  I paid $8.79 OOP and will receive back $13.49 in rebates.

NOTE: Please note that YMMV on using six Rite-Aid in-ad coupons in one transaction on the Bengay deal.  You can split up the purchase of the Bengay as this deal is tracking on your receipt.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Problems with the $3/15 Survey Coupon

Just an FYI....

PROBLEM USING $3/15 COUPON LAST WEEK - I had some problems at the register last week while using a $3/15 survey coupon.  I believe that Rite-Aid has resolved these issues but will test it out today.  The problem was that the register was not allowing me to use my UP Rewards after utilizing a $3/15 coupon.  It was a disaster transaction that didn't end very well.  All that to say, their facebook page indicates that they have fixed the problem.

PROBLEM GETTING $3 COUPON AFTER TAKING SURVEY THIS WEEK - There is another issue going on this week too.  If you recently received a survey code at the bottom of your receipt and you try to enter it online and take the survey then the $3/15 coupon will not print at the end of the survey.  Rite-Aid's facebook page says that you can just bring this survey code into the store and they will give you the $3 off your transaction but several folks have had problems doing this because the stores have not been informed about this change.  The stores did receive an email in their portal system from corporate (sometime around 7/25) telling them that they can accept the survey code and give the customer $3 off their purchase.  If the store will not take your survey code and give you the $3 off your transaction then you can call Rite-Aid customer service and they will send you a $3 gift card for that survey code.  Call them at 1-800-748-3243 (i.e. 1-800-RITE-AID).

Don't panic just yet.....

 I'm going to take a break after I go shopping this week so I'm linking to a few good blogs that you can follow while I'm gone.  These blogs do a good job of listing the items that are on sale every week at Rite-Aid. - This is one of my favorite blogs.  This is a great blog to look at to view the current and upcoming sales for Rite-Aid.  This is also a good blog if you are just getting started with shopping at Rite-Aid as Erica does a great job of putting up a visual of her weekly shops.  They are small shops and she breaks down the coupons that she used right on her website.

 - This is a very detailed listing of what is on sale at Rite-Aid.  This is a pretty comprehensive list of all of the coupons that are available for the items that are on sale.  Jenny includes a great clickable checklist so that you can print out what you want to get at Rite-Aid.  There are no pictures so that makes it hard for your visual types.  This webpage link that I've provided also has a great "getting started" guide to Rite-Aid in the upper right hand corner.  You should read through this if you are a newbie to couponing at Rite-Aid.

 - This is rapidly becoming my go-to blog for special deals at Rite-Aid.  Joanie was on the TLC show Extreme Couponing recently and she is a real pro at finding the deals.  She and Heather run this blog and it has a terrific layout and it is very easy to understand.  Joanie and Heather often find some great FREE or nearly FREE deals at Rite-Aid.  Check them out!

 - I just started reading this blog and have found some good Rite-Aid deals here.  I like this blog's layout.  White background with black text......ahhhh.....someone who actually has done some marketing research re: what makes a blog easy to read.  LOL.

That should keep you busy while I'm gone.

To all of my friends.....I'll talk with ya'll in a few months.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rite-Aid, 7/24-7/30

Picking fresh figs on the trail by our house; not ripe yet though!

1st weekend picking fresh blackberries and wild plums!

Our second weekend picking blackberries!

Jason ate a few while we picked; they are so sweet!

Sweet one taking her shoes off; a common practice!
Swimming buddies.

Making faces.

Hello cutie pie.

My little brother comes to visit!

Click on picture to expland.  Please make sure that you read all of the fine print in RED on the deals below.  :)

I ventured out today to try my hand at a couple of the monthly UP Reward deals.  I recently found out about the monthly UP Reward deals; I didn't even know that they existed until last month.  There are some really fun deals.  These monthly deals go from 6/29 to 7/26.

I've included some pics of our summer adventures this week.  

2 Reach Toothbrushes $2.99 ea. (sale price)

- $1/1 Reach Toothbrush from 4/17 SS or $2/2 from 5/8 SS
- $1/1 Reach, Rite-Aid VV printable (Oral Care section)
- prints $1 UP Reward (limit 2 - *see note below)
=  FREE after UP Reward

3 Whitman's Mini Sampler $1.19 w/20% disc. (reg. $1.49) 
no coupons
- prints $1 UP Reward (monthly UP Reward Deal - end 7/26)
= $.19 cents ea. after UP Reward

5 Russell Stover Mini Sampler $1.27 w/20% disc. (reg. $1.59)
no coupons
- prints $1 UP Reward (monthly UP Reward Deal)
= $.27 cents ea. after UP Reward

2 Rite Aid Peppermint Patties $.79 cents ea w/20% disc. (reg. $.99)
no coupons
= prints $1 UP Reward wyb 2 (limit 2 - monthly UP Reward Deal - ends 7/26)
= $.30 cents ea. after UP Reward wyb 2

8 Airwick Aerosol $1.69 (B1G1)
- $1/2 Airwick printable (register and print)
= $.35 cents ea.

2 Listerine Pocketpacks 72ct. $2.99 ea. (sale price) 
- $.50/1 Listerine Pocketpack from 4/17 SS
- $1/1 Listerine Pocketpack, Rite-Aid VV printable (Oral Care section)
- prints $1 UP Reward (limit 2 - *see note below)
= $.50 cents ea. after UP Reward

10 Kleenex 65ct. w/lotion $2.49 (B1G1)
- $.50/3 Kleenex from 7/17 SS
- $1/3 Kleenex, Rite-Aid VV printable (Great Offers section)
- prints $2 UP reward wyb 10 (monthly UP Reward Deal - see note below - ends 7/26)
= $.59 cents ea. wyb 10 after UP Reward (or $5.90 for ten boxes)

1 Trolli Sour Brite Crawler $1.35 w/20% dis. ($1.69 reg.)
no coupons
= $1.35 ea.

 4 Flinstones My First Vitamins & Gummies $8.79 ea. (B1G1 50%)
- $2/1 Flinstones from 7/24 SS
- prints $2 UP Reward (monthly UP Reward Deal - see note below - ends 7/26)
= $2.36-$2.59 ea. after UP Reward

Mitchum Advanced Control $3.19 ea. w/20% dis. (reg. $3.99)
- $2/1 Mitchum Advanced Control, Rite-Aid VV printable
- $1/1 any Mitchum printable or $.75/1 from 6/26 SS 
- $1 SCR rebate for Mitchum here - lmit 4; rebate ends 7/26
= FREE + $.81 cents overage after rebate

TOTAL:  $107.34

UP REWARDS:  I started out with $29 in UP Rewards and ended up with $17 in UP Rewards.

NOTE: I bought the wrong size of Trolli Sour Gummies for the monthly UP Reward deal.  I thought that this bag would produce a $2 UP Reward.  I should have known better!  The $2 UP Reward is for the much larger bag!!  UPDATE: Customer Service is going to mail me the UP Reward in 2-3 weeks since the monthly deal didn't specify a size. I think I just got a really nice customer service agent this week.  LOL.

NOTE: Please note that the limit is 2 for the Reach Toothbrushes or the Listerine Pocketpacks.  I used two different cards to obtain them.  

NOTE: I did not receive the UP Reward for the Kleenex.  I will be calling Rite-Aid on Monday to find out what happened.  Please keep in mind that you need to buy the 110ct Kleenex boxes or the 65-78 ct. lotion boxes.  This deal will end 7/26.  UPDATE: Customer Service is going to mail me the UP Reward in 2-3 weeks.  BTW, if you call customer service and you don't get someone that is helpful just call back and talk to someone else.

NOTE: I received the first two Flinstones UP Rewards in my first transaction but did not receive the other 2 in my 2nd transaction.  I will be calling Rite-Aid on Monday to find out what happened.  Please keep in mind that you need to buy the Flintstones My First Vitamins or the Flintstones Gummies to receive the UP Reward for this deal.  This deal will end 7/26.  UPDATE: Customer Service is going to mail me the UP Rewards in 2-3 weeks.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rite-Aid, 7/17-7/23

My daughter loves to be in my shop pictures.  One day I will look back on all of these pictures and will marvel at the lovely young lady that she has become.  She was about 11 months old when I started couponing so it's fun to have pictures of her in so many of my shops.  Since this is a visual blog I thought I would include a couple of these pictures of her for those of you that want to take a walk down memory lane with me!  I've included these pictures at the end of this post so as not to confuse you (I don't want you to start looking for details from these very old shops)!

Click on picture to enlarge...

3 Air Wick Mini I-Motion Lavender Scent $9.99 (B1G2) 
- $4/1 Air Wick Freshmatic Starter Kit from 6/12 SS or 7/10 SS
- $1/1 Air Wick, Rite-Aid vv printable (Household section)
= FREE + $5.01 in overage wyb 3 (use three $4/1 and three $1/1)
NOTE: This is an unadvertised  Rite-aid sale.  This deal ends 7/21 and only applies to the lavender kit.

4 Kotex U Pantiliners 18ct. $1.00 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Kotex U printable (click the bright green "get yours now" button)
- $1/2 Kotex, Rite-Aid vv printable (Great Offers section)
= FREE + $1.00 in overage wyb 2

2 Samy Fat Foam Haircolor $7.99 w/20% disc. (sale $8.99) - limit 2
- $3/1 Samy Fat Foam Haircolor printable 
   (click on the word "Coupon" just below the word "Info" on the left hand side 
    and then "like" them at the top of the page; only worked in IE  for me)
- $2/1 Samy Fat Hair, Rite-Aid vv printable (no longer available to view)
- prints $5 UP Reward
= FREE + $2.01 in overage after UP Reward

2 Excedrin Extra Strength 20ct. $1.99ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Excedrin Extra Strength printable or Migraine printable
- $1/1 Excedrin, Rite-Aid vv printable (no longer available to view)
= FREE + $.01 cent overage

1 Luster White 7 Toothpaste $5.59 w/20% dis. (reg. $6.99) - limit 2 rebates
- $1.50/1 Luster White 7 from 6/12 SS (regional; our region didn't get it)
- $4 SCR Rite-Aid rebate here
= $.09 cents ea after rebate

2 Rite-Aid Peg Candy $.79 ea. w/20% disc. (reg. $.99 ea.)- limit 2
no coupons
- prints $1 UP Reward wyb 2 (**monthly UP Reward deal; ends 7/26)
= $.20 cents ea. after UP Reward wyb 2

2 Rembrandt Toothpaste $4.99ea. (sale price)
- $5/2 Rembrandt Toothpaste printable
- $2/1 Rembrandt Toothpaste, Rite-Aid vv printable (Great Offers section)
= $.50 cents ea. wyb 2

1 Russell Stover Sugarfree Candy $.99 cents (clearance)
no coupons
= $.99 cents

Nair Deal - $5 UP Reward wyb $10 in product - limit 4
4 Nair products $3.99 w/20% disc. (reg. $4.99 ea.)
1 Nair product $4.79 w/20% disc. (reg. $5.99 ea.)
- $3/2 Nair product printable and printable
- $1/1 Nair peelie found on product with $3 rebate located at a website
- prints $5 UP Reward wyb $10 in product
- $3 rebate located at a *website
= $.75 cents for all five products after UP Rewards and rebate

2 Arm & Hammer Kids Spinbrush $7.49 ea. (B1G1)
- $2/1 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush printable or printable
= $2.74 ea.

1 Pampers Cruisers $9.99 ea. (sale price) - limit 2
- $1.50/1 Pampers Cruisers from 6/5 PG
- prints $4 UP Reward
= $4.49 ea.

Carefree Pantiliners $1.00 ea.
- $.50/1 Carefree printable 
  *Click "send me my coupon" on left and then "print my coupon now" 
    on next screen
- $.50/1 Carefree Rite-Aid printable

10 Kleenex 110ct or lotion 65-78ct. $1.00 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/3 Kleenex from 7/17 SS
- prints $2 UP Reward wyb 10 (**monthly UP Reward deal; ends 7/26)
= $.65 cents ea. wyb 10

TOTAL: $146.58

UP REWARDS: I started out with $33 in UP Rewards and $12 in cash from rebate checks that I cashed.  I ended up with $25 in UP Rewards.  I will also be receiving $4 in rebates.   

NOTE: There are a couple different varieties of Rite-Aid Peg Candy available for the above deal.  I bought peppermint patties but they also had peanut butter cups.  Just look for the yellow sale tags!

NOTE: I wanted to try the Luster White Toothpaste because it won "best whitening toothpaste" by Real Simple magazine. UPDATE: Just opened the toothpaste this morning and was surprised that the tube was only half full.  The product is a little over 2 ounces but the tube is large enough to hold 4 ounces.  This kind of marketing is ridiculous to me as most consumers will notice and then think it is a rip-off.  Don't these companies understand that they should just make the tube smaller and actually "fit" the product into the tube?  If you do purchase this product just make sure to turn the tube with the cap up for an hour before opening it.  When I opened the lid the toothpaste burst out of the tub from the pressure.  The toothpaste seems to work well so far but I've only used it one day.  Time will tell.

NOTE: I purchased the Russell Stover peg candy because I thought it would generate a $1 UP (making it FREE)!  It is listed as printing a $1 UP for the monthly UP Reward deals here.  Not sure why it didn't print.  I'll have to figure that one out. It's possible that I purchased the wrong item.  The monthly deal says that the retail for these bags is $1.49-$1.59 so it might not work on the clearance items.   :)

NOTE: I used the Nair peelie at the register and forgot to write down the website for the rebate.  If you find this peelie then would you please come back here and leave a comment with the website address.  I'm going to look for it online and will post it back here if I find it.  It might be a really old rebate though so I'm not certain I will find it.  Come to think of it.......I didn't even check the date on the peelie.  I was just so excited that I found it.  Sometimes the peelies that I find at Rite-Aid are super old because their products sit on the shelf for so long!  I also wanted to note that I found at least 3 different products that were priced at $4.99 reg. retail so you shouldn't have a problem doing this deal if you have a fairly large Rite-Aid near you.  If you don't have the 20% discount then you could buy 3 products for $4.99 and one product for $5.99 and use two $3/2 Nair coupons and pay $4.96 after UP Rewards for all 4 products.  That's a great price if you like Nair!

Who has been couponing long enough to remember cheap Tazo at Publix!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rite-Aid, 7/10-7/17

My ode to Melea J.!  Check out those nails sista; cruise-worthy I think!

I spent a couple of hours preparing for my shop last night.  I cut up my ad this morning and then headed out to the store only to realize that many of the items that I had planned on getting were not such a good deal.  I only found one good moneymaker deal and then several "dead end" deals.  LOL. 

Still, I made $10 on my two transactions and I now have about $40 worth of items to sell at my next garage sale.  I'm going to take a peek at next week's ad and see if the sales are better! 

Let me know if you found any good moneymaker deals this week.  Leave a comment so that all of us can benefit.  Thanks!

4 Physician Formula $5.50ea. (B1G1 50%) - limit 4 UP's
2 Physician Formula $6.00ea. (B1G1 50%)
- $4/1 peelie found on product on display stand
- prints $5 UP Reward wyb 3 items
= FREE + $8.50 moneymaker wyb 6 items after UP Reward

1 Benefiber 24ct.  $9.59 w/20% dis. (sale $9.99) - limit 1 rebate
- $3/1 Benefiber printable
- $3/1 Benefiber Rite-Aid printable
- $1/1 Benefiber, Rite-Aid vv printable
- $3 SCR Rite-Aid rebate
= FREE + $.31 cents in overage after rebate

1 Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield $2.69 ea. (sale price) - limit 1 UP
- $.75/1 Crest from 6/5 PG or 7/3 PG
- $2.69 SCR Rite-Aid rebate
= FREE + $.75 cents in overage after rebate

2 Sally Hansen Nail Polish $2.99 (B1G1 50%)
- $2/1 Sally Hansen Tool Q from 6/12 RP *see note below
- $2/1 Sally Hansen Rite-Aid printable or printable 
= FREE + $1.52 in overage

2 Sally Hansen 2-in-1 white pencil $3.19 (B1G1 50%)
- $2/1 Sally Hansen product wyb any Sally Hansen nail color printable
- $2/1 Sally Hansen Rite-Aid printable or printable
= FREE + $1.22 in overage

4 Noxema 4ct disposable razors $2.00ea. (sale price)
- $2/1 Noxema from 7/10 RP

Dr. Scholl's Deal - limit 4 UP's
3 Dr. Scholl's Rough Skin For Her $5.59 w/20% discount (reg. $6.99)
1 Dr. Scholl's Callus Round 6ct $3.59 w/20% discount (reg. $4.49)
- $2/1 Dr. Scholl's For Her printable
- $1/1 Dr. Scholl's printable (may not be available)
- $1/1 any Dr. Scholls, Rite-Aid vv printable
- $8 UP Reward wyb $20 in product
- $1 UP Reward for the Callus product (monthly UP deal)
= $.36 cents total for everything after UP Rewards (*use three $2/1, one $1/1 and four $1/1 store coupons)

Almay Deal - limit 3 rebates 
3 Almay One Coat Mascara $6.99 ea. (B2G1)  
- $2/1 Almay, Rite-Aid vv printable (no longer available to watch)
- $4 UP Reward wyb $10 in product
- $1 SCR Rite-Aid rebate
= $.98 cents total for everything after UP Reward and three rebates

1 Fing'rs Flirt Press on Nails $.99 cents (clearance)
no coupons
= $.99 cents

TOTAL: $134.72

UP REWARDS: I started out with $30 in UP Rewards and I ended up with $33 in UP Rewards.  I will also be receiving $8.69 in rebates.

NOTE: The $2/1 Sally Hansen Q from the 6/12 RP is not scanning at the register.  There is no barcode to scan on the coupon; it is missing for some reason.  I explained this to the cashier and showed her the barcode from my other coupons and she input the coupons manually.  There should have been a barcode with a number below it that started with a "5."  Sally Hansen either forgot to input this barcode on their coupon or the printer forgot to print it on the coupon.   PS - the Sally Hansen tool Q can be used on any item/tool that is used to make you more beautiful.  YMMV on the use of this coupon, however, the way that beauty tools are defined in the cosmetic industry allows the use of this coupon on nail polish.