Saturday, November 19, 2011

Albertsons, LLC 11/16-11/23

I finally ventured out to do my very first shop here in my new city.  I haven't been accumulating any inserts the last 6 weeks so I used internet printables for my entire shop (except for the two peelies for the orange juice which I peeled almost 4 months ago).  It was fun to realize that I could save money even if I didn't purchase a single newspaper insert.

For all you newbies out there.....give this little shop a try.

I did have a little trouble at the register but the cashier was able to put all of my coupons through.  My Imperial sugar coupons wouldn't scan so I had to show him the sugars so that he could see that I purchased the correct sizes, etc.  A few of my other coupons wouldn't scan either but he just looked at the items and then pushed the coupons through.  The Idahoan potato coupon had to be adjusted because the potatoes are $.99 cents and the coupon is for $1.  Great shopping experience.  Thankfully I had some patient folks behind me.  I gave the lady behind me a few coupons for her transaction too; this is always a good idea if you have time!

We had a pretty busy week at the Webster household full of some patience-building moments.  Unfortunately, I failed to have patience for most of them.  Pray for me!  This was a pretty discouraging week as my little one is causing me to fully understand just how rebellious my own heart is.  I am becoming convinced that the Lord put her in my life to teach me about my own sin.  This week was filled with nosebleeds, half-eaten tubes of toothpaste, two full sippy cups of milk thrown on the carpet, ripped-up books, and many attempts at stealing cookies off the kitchen counter along with several attempts to make "pee-pee" in the potty which produced nothing.  I know that may not sound like much but this all happened in one day. 

Did I mention that I'm also having hot flashes from menopause through all of this?

Really, please pray for me.  I sometimes struggle to see the big picture when I'm dealing with my children.  I could really use some encouragement to love them right now. 

OK, here's the shop...

Click on picture to expand.  Please read all of the notes below for more information. My Albertsons policy is to triple coupons up to 35¢ and double coupons up 50¢. My Albertsons will double/triple up to 4 like coupons per transaction.

2 Idahoan Potatoes $.99 cents ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Idahoan Potatoes printable (make a potato character and then enter contest; coupon will pop up)

6 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $.99 ea. (sale price)
- $1/2 Pillsbury Crescent printable
- $.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent printable, printable and printable
= $.50 cents ea.

4 Campbells Cooking Soups $.75 cents ea. (sale price)
- $1/4 Campbells coupon - must ask for at register
= $.50 cents ea. - must buy 4 to use register coupon

2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce $.99 cents ea. (sale price)
- $.50/2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce printable
= $.50 cents ea. - limit 4

2 Evaporated Milk $1.09 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/2 Evaporated Milk printable
= $.59 cents ea.

2 Chinet Guest Towels $1.59 ea.
- $1/1 any Chinet product printable (sign up for club and receive coupon in email)
= $.59 cents ea. - **see note below

9 Steamfresh vegetables $.99 ea. (sale price)
- $1/3 Steamfresh vegetables printable (click on red pair of scissors on the right)
= $.66 cents ea.

3 Imperial Sugar (powdered and brown sugar) $1.99 ea. (sale price)
- $.75/1 printable or printable 
= $1.25 ea.

3 Honey Nut Cheerios $2.33 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios printable and printable and printable
= $1.33 ea. - must buy 3 to get this price

2 Tropicana 59oz. Orange Juice $2.50 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Tropicana 59oz. peelie
= $1.50 ea. - limit 2

2 Gold Medal 5lb. Flour $2.29 ea. (sale price)
- $.25/1 Gold Medal printable (click on blue banner on upper right)
= $1.54 ea.

1 Imperial 4lb. sugar $2.79 ea. (sale price)
- $.75/1 printable
= $1.79 ea.

4 Smucker's Uncrustables $2.89 ea. (sale price) and $2.99 ea. (regular price)
- $1/1 Smucker's Uncrustables printable and printable
= $1.89 ea. or $1.99 ea.

2 Nestle Tollhouse Chips $2.50 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/2 Nestle Chips printable or 11/6 RP
= $2.00 ea.

4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.25 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
= $1.25 ea. - must buy 4 to get this price

1 Cool Whip $.99 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
= $.99 cents ea.

1 Duncan Hines Cake Mix $.99 cents ea. (sale price)
no coupons
= $.99 cents ea.

TOTAL: $122.70

CHINET GUEST TOWELS: I will use the Chinet guest towels as napkins for Thanksgiving as they look exactly the same as the Chinet napkins!  These napkins rang up wrong at the register (store tag said that they were $1.59 so I got one for free)!

CHINET NAPKIN DEAL: Make sure you read the store tag when buying these items.  I was going to do a different Chinet deal that I saw advertised in the Albertsons online-ad and when I looked at the tag it said that I had to buy 3 of the items to get the sale price even though this was never mentioned in the ad!

ALBERTSONS AD: These deals are for the Albertsons LLC.  Apparently, there is a different store called Albertsons in other states.  Please check your local ad to make sure that you are in our region. For example, Los Angeles uses a different ad.

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