Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hanging out in FL...

I'll be in Florida for the next few months while my husband trains for his new position.  No Rite-Aid here.  We're in the Clearwater area.  I'll check back with you guys in a few months.  For now, I'm shopping at Publix (my all time favorite store).

What's going on with you guys  How is everyone doing with their Rite-Aid couponing? 


  1. I thought of you earlier today when I saw the bbq, pork, charcoal deal going on at Publix...sure did make me smile.

    I haven't been too excited about the drug store deals're not missing too much. ;o)

    So good to hear from you!!!

  2. This first trimester exhausation has taken over my body so I haven't done much at Rite Aid. I keep checking the ads but there isn't much incentive to overcome the tiredness and get to Rite Aid. That and the fact that my favorite visual blog has gone on break. :)

    How is Florida? Is the humidity as bad as everyone says? Does it really look like the picture above? Hope you are enjoying it!

  3. Hey Jerilyn,

    So sorry to hear about the exhaustion of the first trimester. :( I don't blame you for staying home. I have been feeling like staying home too to play with my kids.

    Florida is humid but it is not near as hot as the state we just left. LOL. The picture above was taken close to where we are staying. It is along the West Coast of FL. We have gone to the beach twice this week and it has been really fun.

    Miss you Jerilyn!

  4. Hi Thrifty T, I saw that BBQ, Pork, Charcoal deal. Brings back some good memories. :)

  5. Niiice. I love Clearwater. That whole area, actually.

    My sister lives east of Tampa, in Lakeland (home of Publix HQ). When we go to the beach from her house, Clearwater is where we go.

    My parents have a place a little north of there, in Hudson. Whenever we go down, I love traveling along 19 and visiting all the Thrift stores.
    I find better stuff down there than I do at home for some reason.

    Don't forget, the Fla Publix doesn't double.

    Hope you enjoy your stay. Other than the rare hurrycane, you're there at a pretty nice time of the year. It doesn't get cold until like January.

  6. Seems the deals are slooooow everywhere right now- including Publix! But I'm glad you get to shop there again for a while. :) Hope you have some fun while down in Fla

  7. So glad to see your post! I've been checking it every day at work to see if there was any news on how things were going. We miss you guys a lot & glad you are safe & sound. Now that the wedding is over, I plan to be more diligent in working the Rite Aid deals, though they seem slim the last 2 weeks. I just miss my special blogger & her helpful tips & good buys. Love you all & I'll keep checking.

  8. Hey Melissa,

    We just went to Tampa last weekend. I love the drive from Clearwater to Tampa across the water. So pretty. We ate at a really good Vietnamese restaurant in Tampa; some pretty terrific Pho! Anyway, so nice to see you here. I need to check your blog to see if you are posting right now. Have a great week.

  9. Brandi, hey there. Long time no talk. Gee, I hope that you are doing well. I checked your blog the other day and noticed that you haven't posted since April. Hope you've just been busy with your family and enjoying those darling children. :)

    Miss you!

  10. Irmie!!!! Hi there my friend. How did the wedding go? Hope it was a lovely time for the family. I wish I could have been there! I sure do miss you guys. I'm so glad that we were able to spend some time together before I left. You are so special to me Irmie. I love you very much.

  11. PUULLEEASE for old times sake give us Cali living folks a little taste of a Publix shop/deal trip! I miss the Publix, but Rite Aid and the on base grocery store which allows overage have been my small blessings. Glad all is well!!

  12. Hey Navy_Frugalista, I may post a shop if I have time. It's so fun to be shopping at Publix this week. I have really missed the store. The customer service alone has put a smile on my face. The CA stores just don't cut it compared to the service that you receive at Publix. It's a little slice of bliss especially when you are shopping with small children.