Thursday, January 27, 2011

UPDATED: Rite-Aid, 1/23-1/29

I really thought it was going to be a slow week at Rite-Aid and then I found a few great deals in the store.  I didn't spend anything out of pocket, however, I'll have to provide the totals tomorrow. 

I threw in the Tide-Stain-To-Go pen and the Cetaphil because I needed them but the rest of the items were on sale. 

UPDATE: Decided to make a quick run to get some more vitamins and light bulbs.  I found some slipper's on 75% clearance and I picked up a few pair for the girls. 

TOTAL: $473.60

NOTE: I will submit for the two NatureMade $5 rebates and will make $10 on this shop.

NOTE: My $20 Reward didn't print last week so the store manager gave me a Rite-Aid Merchandise credit (yeah)!  I used this to pay for the tax on this transaction and rolled my UP Rewards for the rest of the transaction.

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