Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guittard Chocolate

Ruth over at Living Well, Spending Less wrote a nice little article on Peppermint Bark complete with some fantastic photos.  This inspired me to purchase some Guittard Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate chips so that I can make my own peppermint bark.

Guess where I found these little Guittard beauties. 
Guess, guess, guess?
You'll never guess...nope. 
Not in a million years...

I found them at WinCo Foods.  That's right.  I said WinCo Foods.  I was completely shocked when I spotted the Guittard label in the baking chip aisle tonight.  I felt like I had won a golden ticket.  Since when does a grocery store that acts more casual than a Walmart carry Guittard chocolate? 

These most beloved chips will cost you less than $2 a bag.  A stellar deal for some very good baking chocolate.

I need to stop right now and tell you why I am so excited that I found these chips.  I've been looking for them for over 4 years.  I read an article in Cook's Illustrated about blondie brownies and they recommended using Guittard white chocolate chips because they have superior flavor and amazing meltability and a little ingredient called cocoa butter.  I quickly did what any self-respecting Californian would do when they want to find something.  I googled "Guittard white chocolate chips."  The only source that I could find for them four years ago was a warehouse that would ship them to me if I purchased 50 bags.  I can just see my friends coming over and gawking at my 50 bags of white chocolate chips.  I love it when people gawk.  I have occasionally found Guittard chips stocked at various places like Cost Plus World Market but they have never carried the white chocolate chips.  Apparently, mint chips and butterscotch chips are all the rage.  Hmph. 

Why doesn't anyone in this town read Cook's Illustrated?

I've been thinking about Peppermint Bark way too much lately.  I have been desiring to try Williams Sonoma's Peppermint Bark for ages but couldn't bring myself to pay the $26 that they charge.  Well, it finally went on clearance and Williams Sonoma offered me free shipping.  End of story.

Still, I never could understand why Williams Sonoma charged so much for their snooty Peppermint Bark especially since my local Costco offered it for only $9.99.  Well, this week I found out why. 

......let's just say that it has something to do with Guittard Chocolate.


  1. Are you going to do a blind taste test with the Williams-Sonoma & your own? I can't wait to hear how it turns out! I wish we had a Win-Co here....I might need you to send me some Guittard chocolate next year! :-)

  2. Where can I request a free sample? lol j/k

    I never heard of Guittard, but that's not too surprising; a gourmet I ain't. I'm just a Tollhouse gal. (Used to be a Great Value gal, until I learned coupon shopping.)

    That was a good article, the bark looks easy to make, I think I'll try it and if I can do any good, make some for gifts next year.
    (But her double-boiler sure looks dangerous. I sure hope there's space between the bowl and the pot to vent steam, or Yikes!)

  3. Ruth, I will send you the results of the blind taste test. I need to go and research peppermint oils and making your own peppermints. Williams Sonoma makes their own peppermints by hand and I just can't wait to try their bark.

  4. Melissa, it's so fun having you on the blog. You just crack me up. I am just the opposite of you....I'm a total gourmet girl. I have practically given up on tollhouse morsels especially since I can purchase Guittard and Ghirardelli chips for the same price as the tollhouse chips. You can really taste the difference as these chips are made with higher quality ingredients.

  5. I'm so excited for you!!! However, I'm like Melissa and have never heard of this brand of chocolate. I guess I don't get out too much. :o) I can't wait to see how your peppermint bark turns out!


  6. Hey Tshanina, you must try it if you ever find it. They carry the following at my WinCo. Foods (Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Semi-sweet Chocolate, White Chocolate and Butterscoth Chocolate). What sets Guittard against their competition is that they use pure cocoa butter and natural vanilla in their white chocolate chips (which are also called vanilla chips); store brand chips contain hydrogenated oils and are very inferior to real cocoa butter in taste and meltability (my own made up word).

  7. Can hardly wait to hear how the "taste test" went (or goes). Also, glad to see a post from yesterday - it just brightens my day! Jerilyn was just commenting that she was sorry you were taking a break, now that she has a little more time since Elie is almost 6wks old. But we both understand the importance of family & so totally support you in your decision to take a break. I have your # so I can always call - right?? Anyway, love you & hope you had agreat New Year's eve & day.

  8. Hi Irmie. I can't wait to try this peppermint bark. I'm going to have to exercise some restraint until I can make my batch; that's going to be pretty difficult as I've been wanting to try this bark for almost 3 years now. :) I'm looking forward to having Jerilyn on the blog and I'm glad that she's taking an interest. She is such an awesome girl.

    You can always call me. Happy New Years to you. Love you too. Kel

  9. I also love good chocolate! One of my FAVS that I can get at Riteaid is Lindt 70% dark. It goes on sale for 1.99 and I will buy them when I have overage. But let me say I will never give up my snickers bars.
    4 yrs. ago I flew to Orlando to learn how to be a chocolatier. "Notter School of Pastry Arts". I spent a Lot of money to learn the skill of making truffles and I was really good at it and planned on opening a chocolate shop. But in the end I decided a shop required more of a commitment than I wanted to give. But hey I can still make some amazing chocolates. That being said I have never made peppermint bark....sounds tempting!
    And Starbucks girl I agree once you have had good quality chocolate the cheaper waxy chocolate doesn't compare especially when cooking.
    Now I need a snickers!!!!! And maybe some Lindt.


  10. Oh Christa. We may become best friends. :)

    When I was single I thought about becomming a pastry chef and opening my own french patisserie in Los Angeles. I just wanted to make french tarts all day long and have loads of happy people come to my bakery and enjoy the atmosphere and the delicious creations that I would conjure. In the end, I realized that baking for people made me happy and I realized that I could still bake for people without having to work that hard to manage a shop.

    Still, I sometimes dream of that shop.

    I recently visited Salt Lake City and stumbled upon the kind of shop that I had hoped to open one day. It is called Les Madeleines. Check it out here:

    Anyway, it's so fun to learn a little bit about you. I look forward to conversing with you about our love for food.

    I love Lindt dark chocolate. I even like the 85% although my husband prefers the 70%.

  11. Ugg, I tried to post from work as anon but I think even the firewall prevented me- drag!

    Anyways, short and sweet, have you tried Olive & Sinclair chocolates? Right out of our backyard (Nashville)? Google them, they will be selling their chocolates from William Sonoma soon.

    Best, Dixie

  12. I haven't tried their chocolates. Just checked out their website. Great marketing. I'd like to try their "sea salt" and "salt and pepper" variety. Sounds interesting.

  13. I have tried, I think, every kind they have. I placed a huge order last year for corporate gifts. It is very unusual, indeed. More for the chocolate connoisseur. Not my fav, but I am a Hersey with almonds kind of gal.