Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Exteme Couponing on TLC

Tonight at 8:00pm ET/PT. TLC will be airing a show called Extreme Couponing.  Check it out hereThank you to my good friend Kathy L. in Nashville for alerting me to the airing of the show!

"Extreme Couponing profiles four shopaholics who use coupons to save thousands of dollars and amass huge stockpiles of goods.These shoppers go to the extremes, dumpster diving for coupons and spending hours a day searching the internet for great deals."

If you can't watch the show tonight it will be airing again on the following dates/times:

Dec 30, 1:00 am
Jan 04, 10:00 pm
Jan 05, 1:00 am

........I, of course, turned them down when they asked me to be on the show.


  1. I somehow missed that they were making this show, the boys had found it and had it on when we came in from shopping last night, lol.

    I only watched a few minutes of it, mostly the lady from Ohio that bought the $1k of stuff.

    When it started out The Voice was talking like the Hoarders voice, as in, making it seem like devoting alot of time and effort to couponing is wrong. I left the room then, so I didn't get to see the WUC guy or Krazy Koupon Lady.

    Then I was back in the room when the Ohio lady shopped. I was like, Yeah right. Total set up.

    Did you watch? Would you recommend the show for real couponers?

  2. Melissa, we don't have cable so I wasn't able to watch it. I'm going to try and catch it when it comes on hulu or maybe plan to go to someone's house when it comes on again. I'm interested in seeing it but I'm sure that it may present couponing in an unattractive light depending on who they are highlighting on the show.

    There is one woman on the show that devotes time to couponing at the sacrifice of spending time with her spouse (the woman from Ohio); this has caused problems in her marriage. She has cancelled appts. and time with friends to go out shopping. I do think that it can become an idol for some people (i.e replacing normal relationships and interactions). Couponing can be a hobby or a way to save money for your family but it can also become consuming. You probably walked in on the segment of the woman from Ohio. I saw a little bit of her segment online yesterday and she did seem like a hoarder. She spends 70 hours a week searching for deals along with a full time job and her relationship with her husband. Just do the math (that leaves her with 8 hours to sleep and that's all). There is no way that she has time for anything else in her life. I'd call that an addiction. :)

    I still want to see the show because I think it will be fun to see the stockpiles that people have accumulated and I'm hoping to gain some tips. LOL.

  3. We watched it last night. One person they spotlighted was certainly addicted and that is when it's a problem -- like you said -- at the expense of your family.

    The Krazy Coupon Lady, however, made it look fun and inviting. It was motivating for me! In fact, after the show, I did a quick Kroger list because they're having a mega sale and I need paper towels.

    There's a line. When it isn't fun anymore, or it takes up too much time, or your family is wondering where you are, then it's time to scale back and take a break. If you can devote some of your time to couponing and make it a game and enjoy the benefits, like I believe most of us do, then go for it!

    It's fun to see your total drop when the cashier begins scanning your coupons (as it was described -- the "coupon high"). It's a totally different thing to almost have a heart attack when one (or several) of your coupons don't go through.

  4. Kathy, I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for your comments.

    I totally agree with your conclusions, however, I do remember a time when I would get upset when my coupons didn't go through. I think it's normal when you are first starting out to get frustrated until you understand how to work a deal. Nobody likes to spend money out of pocket when they weren't expecting to. Learning how to communicate when a deal "goes wrong" is super important too. I remember all too well when my first deals didn't work out. I was ready to quit. It takes stamina to stay in the couponing game until you can figure everything out. Some people will enjoy it and try to master the skill and others will determine that it's not for them. I totally understand both positions. Still, I hope that folks will give it the ole' college try before quitting. I still love the "coupon high" that I experience when doing a deal. I went to Rite-Aid last night and spent $0 out of pocket and was able to try all kinds of new products. It was so much fun!

  5. That might be my 2nd favorite thing about couponing (the first being saving money) -- trying new products. My stockpile is full of items I wouldn't normally buy. Some of it, I might not like. Then others are so wonderful I might just be out of pocket for it when I run out. It's so much fun!

    Went to Rite Aid this afternoon and only spent a little tax. Got some good stuff. One more day with that wonderful coupon. Yes, I'll be going again tomorrow. :)

  6. LOL, leave it me to only see the negative part. I'll try to catch it on the 4th.

    I plan to be out there again tomorrow, too; lord willin' and the crick don't rise.

  7. I enjoyed the show. I loved how fabulous looking the KKL looked and cringed on the Ohio lady, clearly addicted and puts couponing first. I had to keep pushing the 30 second back button when she said how many hours a week she looks for deals, I just couldn't believe her craziness. I did see some negative aspects of the show. I think they tried to show the couponing like its a problem and therapy is needed but at least the KKL balanced the show out. At least that's how I saw it.

    I was able to do some last minute shopping last night and on my last transaction the manager said only 1 5/25 per customer. I smiled and politely said that's fine, thinking it was a good run and I have only been denied twice so no need to care. I told my husband I am trying to spend my +ups so I can slow down but the +ups won't stop GROWING!
    I have pondered trying to blog my shops but WOW it is WORK. I have benefited from your site greatly and will miss the plentiful deals/transactions. I will miss ya Starbucks Girl!


  8. Christa, I am having the same problem with my UPS. I went out 3 times this week to do a few Olay transactions since I actually use the Olay Regenerist stuff. I started out with 130 UPS and did several transactions and still ended up with 90 UPS.

    My husband has decided that he wants me to rest for 3 months on the couponing even though he loves the deals because we have built up our stockpile.

    I will be back in 3 months though so make sure you follow me so that you can see when I make a new post. I'll try and do a post on how to follow a blog and stick it in your google reader so that folks can benefit from the technology. I couldn't live without my google reader. It saves me so much time when scanning deals.

    Have LOVED having you on the site Christa. You have been a real joy. Thank you for all of your comments. Looking forward to seeing you in a few months!