Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rite-Aid, 12/5-12/11

I managed to pull a shop together yesterday afternoon and I headed out last night to get a few things.  The details of this shop won't help you since the sale is already over but I thought I would post anyway just for good measure (and inspiration for some of you that are still interested in learning how to shop this way).

TOTAL: $300.84

NOTE: I noticed a change in the way that some of Rite-Aid's coupons are printed.  The coupons that are found in your online Wellness Rite-Aid account when you log into their website are no longer multiple-use coupons.  I was always able to print several copies of the coupons that I found in my wellness account online and use mulitiple copies in the store.  They are now one-time use coupons.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up; I tried to use two Thermacare Rite-Aid Q's and two NatureMade Rite-Aid Q's last night and the second one beeped indicating that I had already used it.  They have now become like most of the video values Q's in that they are now one-time use.

NOTE: Just found out that there is a $5 Rebate wyb $15 of Pot of Gold chocolates.  That puts my OOP at .41 cents.  Sometimes I just have to laugh out loud at the savings.  :)


  1. Wow, I am very impressed! Good job on the shop! How did you manage to find the Pot of Gold candy? I've been trying to get this for 2 weeks now and they are out everywhere. God bless you and looking forward to see your next shop!

  2. Lily, I asked the cashier where the Pot of Gold was located in the store and he told me that they had been sold out but that the new shipment had just arrived and they were in the back. He went to the back of the store and brought me 4 of them. He was very helpful! I thought that was really good customer service. I actually called the number on my receipt and told them about the great service. This is a really good thing to do; the employees really appreciate the good feedback.

  3. wonderful shop I was looking for the Pot of Gold also, but oh well. I got the Garnier deal and it gave me $10 up rewards and a $5, I was happy :D

  4. ladylidia, I received that same $10 UP and $5 UP. Not sure why the $5 UP printed. For some reason I remember that it said "Maybeline" on it. I spent it in my next transaction so I don't really remember because I was moving from one transaction to another, however, I do remember thinking, "hmmm, I wasn't expecting that extra $5 UP." Nice surprise though. :)