Monday, December 27, 2010

3RD UPDATE: Rite-Aid 12/26-1/1

Just posting totals for the week (not posting extensive details).  I ventured out to use up the last of my $5/25 printables before they expire in a few days.  I have over $130 in UP Rewards and I need to spend them on something over the next few days.

If you are purchasing/receiving inserts every week and you have the latest P&G inserts then you can do the following deals: Pantene, Old Spice body sprays, Gillette Clinical deodorants, and Gillette Fusion razors.  If you have the $100 flu coupon booklet then the Gillette Clinical deodorant deal is a huge moneymaker and you can also purchase the Nyquil Sinex!

UPDATE:  I went out last night to try and spend some of my UP Rewards while the $5/25 was still in date.  I just have a few more days until it expires and the end of an era comes to a close (so to speak).  That coupon was almost as good as the $6 off pork wyb charcoal Q from two summers ago (almost)!

UPDATE#2: Went out again today since we passed a Rite-Aid on the way home; had to exchange some makeup for a different color.  I picked up another set of Olay and Revitalift wipes as I'm still trying to spend the rest of my UP Rewards.  I use these products every day and I have a nice little stockpile built up.  So happy to get them for FREE with my UP Rewards since they are usually around $20 a piece.
Here are some of my transactions:

Buy 8 Pantene @ $3.50 ea.
- use four "Free Pantene 12.5 oz shampoo WYB full size product," 11/28 PG
- use two $3/2 Pantene product, 12/26 PG
- use $5/25 here
= Pay using $3 in UP Rewards, Get back $4 in UP Rewards ($1 moneymaker)

Buy 4 Gillette Clinical @ $7.99 ea.
- use two B1G1 Free coupons from 12/26 PG (max. value $4.99 ea).
- use two $3/1 coupons from 12/26 PG
- use $5/25 here
= Throw in a $.25 cent Andes mint and pay using an $11 UP Reward, Get back $12 in UP Rewards ($1 moneymaker; add in the $3/1 Gillette Clinical Rite-Aid Q from the Flu booklet and you'll make another $12...don't forget to throw in $7 in merchandise to absorb the extra Rite-Aid coupons if you use them).

Buy 8 Old Spice Body Sprays @ $4.00 ea.
- use two B1G1 Free coupons from 12/26 PG
- use $5/25 here
= Pay using $11 in UP Rewards, Get back $12 in UP Rewards ($1 moneymaker)

Buy 4 Gillette Fusion Razors @ $9.97 ea.
- use four $4/1 Gillette Fusion Razor from 12/26 PG
- use $5/25 here
= Throw in a $.25 cent Andes mint and pay using $19 in UP Rewards, Get back $20 in UP Rewards ($1 moneymaker)

Buy 5 Nyquil Sinex @ $5.00 ea.
- use four $4/1 Nyquil Sinex from 12/26 PG
- use four $2/1 Nyquil Sinex Rite-Aid Q's from flu booklet
- use $5/25 here
= Throw in $4 in merchandise and pay tax and Get $2 in UP Rewards (limit of 1)...$2 moneymaker!

TOTAL: $988.99

NOTE: There is a $20 rebate on the Olay and Pantene.  Buy $50, get $20 hereI qualified for two rebates in these purchases which puts my balance at $.36 cents total after rebates.  I will send in one for a friend of mine that doesn't coupon so that she can receive a nice surprise in the mail.

NOTE: I could not figure out the hidden UP Reward for the Harvard Square products.  I bought 5 products expecting that each of them would produce a $2 UP Reward and I only received one $2 UP Reward that said A&W (apparently the UP Reward is produced for every two A&W and Harvard products).  I'm totally confused and will have to read up about this deal on message boards over the next few days.  I don't think these products are advertised in our market so we'll just have to wait and see what happens as others report in on this deal.

NOTE: The $.99 cent rulers are a good filler item this week.  If you purchase 2, then they produce a $2 UP Reward.  If you have reached the 20% wellness discount then you can fill in with several of the foam products shown in my shop.  Many of them are $2.99 or less.  Purchase two for $4.78 total and receive back a $5 UP Reward.  I'm so glad I hit the 20% wellness discount a few weeks ago.  It will really help me next year to purchase some items for free that I wouldn't normally be able to purchase. 


  1. Hi, am wondering if Rite Aid allowed you the full price of $7.99 off on the BOGO coupon for the Gillette clinical deodorant. That's the only way I can see your scenario working. My coupon says the maximum amount is $4.99, not $7.99. Am wondering if the coupons are regional or if there's a secret I don't know about. I try really hard to follow the coupon rules and appreciate your help. TIA.

  2. Becky, Thanks for the comment. I actually didn't notice that the maximum amount was $4.99 on the coupon. You can still do this deal though; it will still be a small moneymaker. I've readjusted my scenario. Thanks!

  3. Wow, that is an amazing shopping trip! Congratulations & thanks for linking up at living well, spending less

  4. Ruth, Your welcome. Enjoyed watching your new video and your new website.