Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rite-Aid, 11/21-11/28

This is what awaited me at the end of my shop!
Savannah posing for mommy on our balcony!

Post-shop food to power the brain cells; fish tacos!

Sweet little Sydney enjoying her chips!
6 foot long icicles.  Beautiful!

We are on vacation this week in Park City, UT.  I debated whether or not to go out and do a shop this week while I was on vacation but I just couldn't resist the FREE Sonicare Essence (after Rite-Aid rebate and mail-in rebate) and the Planters Nutrition nuts.  We have a really old Sonicare model from 1998 and I was super excited to trade in that model for this newer one. 

I almost didn't make it to Rite-Aid this morning though because we had a huge snowstorm last night and the roads are steeped in snow (Park City received almost 2 feet of snow).  My sweet husband decided that we needed that Sonicare and he really wanted me to get my shop in because he knew that I had already prepared for it.  It really helps to have a supportive husband when it comes to couponing.  I went to and found a Rite-Aid about 3 miles from our resort.  Awesome!

This is just a small shop as I really didn't want to spend my vacation in a store.  :)  There are a few other good deals out there.  Just go to if you need help with the rest of the items that are on sale.

2 Fiber Plus Bars $2.50 ea. (sale price)
- $2/1 Fiber Plus printable (not sure if this link will work)
- prints $1 UP Reward wyb 2

2 Halls Cough Drops $.99 ea (sale price)
- $.50/1 Halls Cough Drops, Rite-Aid VV printable
- $1/2 Halls Cough Drops any, All You or 11/7 SS
= FREE wyb 2

2 Lysol Wipes 35ct.  $3.14 ea. w/10% welness discount (regular price $3.49)
- $1.50/1 Lysol Wipes 35ct. from $128 clip n save booklet
- $1/1 Lysol  any, Rite-Aid VV printable (look for picture of Finish detergent; the coupon is also for any lysol product)
- $1/2 Lysol wipes printable or 11/7 SS
= $.14 ea.

4 Tresemme shampoo, stylers $4.99 & $5.49 (B1G1)
- $5/3 Tresemme, Rite-Aid VV printable (no longer available to view)
- $1/1 Tresemme from $128 clip n save booklet
= $.37 ea.

12 Planters Nutrition Mix (variety) $3.99 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Planters printable (must be a member of Kraft First Taste; sign-up if you aren't a member; you won't get this coupon but you'll get future coupons)
- $.50/1 Planters Nutrition from $128 clip n save booklet
- prints $2 UP Reward
= $.50 ea. after UP Reward

2 Palmolive 10oz. $.99 ea. (sale price)
- $.40/1 from Fall Savings booklet at Safeway
= $.60 ea.

2 NYC Mascaras $2.99 ea. (B1G1 50% on mascara only)
- $1/1 NYC printable
= $1.25 ea.

1 Lysol Healthy Touch Soap Dispenser $9.99 (sale price)
- $2.50/1 Rite-Aid in-ad coupon
- $1/1 Lysol  any, Rite-Aid VV printable (look for picture of Finish detergent; the coupon is also for any lysol product)
- $3/1 printable
- prints $2 UP Reward
= $1.50 ea. after UP Reward

2 Sonicare Essence Toothbrush $44.99 (sale price)
-$20 SCR #54 WYB (1)
- $10/1 Sonicare Toothbrush printable or 08/1 SS, 11/21 SS
- $10 mail-in rebate printable or 11/21 SS
= $4.99 ea after both rebates (use $5/25 and the toothbrush is FREE)

2 Scott Bath Tissue $6.99 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Scott Bath Tissue, Rite-Aid VV printable
- $1/1 Scott printable (skip intro, coupon in bottom right hand corner)
- prints $1 UP Reward
= $3.99 ea. after UP Reward

2 Haagen Dazs $2.50 ea. (sale price)
- $1/2 Haagen Dazs from All You
- prints $1 UP Reward wby 2
= $1.50 ea. after UP Reward

6 transactions using six $5/25 Rite-Aid printables

TOTAL: $354.17

- For more coupon combinations please go to
- Click on the picture above  to expand it for a more-detailed view

- All of my values below assume that you are using the highest dollar value coupon listed

NOTE: I just noticed while inputting the details for this shop that the $.40/1 Palmolive coupon is just for the 20oz. or larger size so it shouldn't be used on this 10oz. size.

NOTE: The Planters Nutrition Antioxidant mix did not ring up on sale for some reason even though the other Nutrition mixes all rang up on sale.  Just an FYI...

NOTE: The sled in the photo was just for effect.  LOL.

NOTE: I just looked on the Essence Sonicare box and the model number is HX5351/46; the SCR Rebate is for the 5300TB model.  I couldn't find this model at Rite-Aid.  Did anyone else have this problem?  Not sure what to do.  I submitted my receipts online and will see if Rite-Aid reimburses me $20 for the toothbrush and THEN I will open the box and clip the UPC for the mail-in-rebate.  Please report back here if you contact Rite-Aid about this issue or if you read something on another blog.  Let us know if you have an answer to this dilema in the comments section.  Thanks! UPDATE: Just looked at my receipt and it says that I purchased the 5300TB model so I guess I'm covered.  I'll report back here after the SCR rebate is approved. UPDATE: The SCR rebate is showing up correctly in my online account so go ahead with your purchase.

NOTE: Just noticed that I bought the wrong disinfecting wipes.  I purchased the clorox wipes and used the Lysol coupons.  :(  I'm pretty sure that the last time I checked the Lysol wipes they were about the same price so you can still do this deal; just make sure you pick up the correct wipes.  LOL.  BTW, this happens to me occasionaly (buying the wrong item).....especially when the product packaging looks the same.  I promise it will happen to you too if it hasn't already.

NOTE: I will receive back $30 in rebates for the Sonicare which means that the entire shop was a $17.69 moneymaker.  That's a pretty awesome deal!


  1. Shout out to your husband that was really great of him. I am fortunate to have one as well. A few nice deals this week. I spent most of my +ups into the sonicare deal. I love it when you can turn ups into cash.

  2. Seriously, I love that man.

    I spent several of my UP's on the Sonicare deal too. Still have $17 in UP's left for the 3-day sale coming up on Thursday. I may brave it again in the snow but we'll have to see. Thanks for your post Anonymous. :)

  3. You know you've got it bad when you coupon while on vacation! :D Love it! Love the sled too. And I am uber jealous that you are in the snow!!! I was wearing a t-shirt today.

  4. Brandy, you KNOW I couldn't pass up that Sonicare. $.99 cents is just too amazing. :)

  5. Jason just pointed out that my math was wrong on the Sonicare. It is actually free if you use the $5/25 (not $.99 cents). Better and better...

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who shops on vacation. Great shop!