Friday, April 29, 2011

2ND UPDATE: Rite-Aid, 4/24-4/30

My oldest daughter loves to be in our Rite-Aid shop picture!

My other lovely daughter....

Jason and I headed out to the drive-in tonight to watch the new "Rio" movie with the children.  As we were driving there he turned to me and said, "hey, I think we need some movie candy."

I just smiled.  
He pulled out the GPS and mapped us to the nearest Rite-Aid. 

I planned my shop almost 2 weeks ago but didn't think that I was going to get a chance to go to Rite-Aid because I was really busy this week.  I'm so glad that I had my coupons with me.  I threw in a couple of moneymakers and picked up the things that I really wanted and then we headed to the register.  I had a seamless transaction which made the evening even better.

We headed to the drive-in.  Upon our arrival we were shocked by the sight that was before us.  There were at least 50 cars in each lane waiting to pay for entrance into the drive-in.  Our movie was supposed to start in 15 minutes and we knew that it would take at least 45 minutes to get through the line.  We weren't going to the movies tonight. We decided to head to McDonalds for ice cream cones to ease the pain of the disappointment.

We will try and go back tomorrow night to catch our movie but apparently we will have to show up at least an hour before the show on a weekend night!

Hope you all did well this week.  I wasn't able to get as many items as I had planned given that I only had a short time in Rite-Aid.  I might go shopping again tomorrow if possible to pick up a few more items.  :)

UPDATE: Explored a few more blogs before I left this morning and found a few more moneymakers.  :)  Headed out for a very quick shop (under 30 minutes).  Made $20 on my shop.  A good return for my time.  I will also sell most of these items at my next garage sale and make a little more money (made $400 a few weeks ago at our garage sale selling off our excess stockpile).

click on pictures to expand....

2 Veet $4.79 w/20% discount (regular $5.99ea.)
- $3/1 in-ad coupon for Veet
- $3/1 printable
 - $1/1 Veet, Rite-Aid vv printable (New Beauty section)
- prints $1 UP Reward
= FREE + $3.20 in overage after UP Reward

1 Veet $3.59 w/20% discount (regular $4.49ea.)
- $3/1 in-ad coupon for Veet
- $3/1 printable
 - $1/1 Veet, Rite-Aid vv printable (New Beauty section)
- prints $1 UP Reward
= FREE + $4.41 in overage after UP Reward

6 Thermacare $5.59 ea. w/20% discount (regular $6.99ea)
- $2/1 peelie found on product a few months ago or $3/1 printable
- $1/1 Rite-Aid printable
- prints $4 UP Reward wyb 2
- prints $10 UP Reward wyb $25 in product (weekend warrior promotion)
= FREE + $7.46 moneymaker wyb 6 after UP Rewards (used five $2/1 and one $3/1 Q's)

1 Poligrip $1.83 w/20% discount (regular $2.29ea.)
- FREE Super Poligrip from 3/27 RP
- $1.50/1 Super Poligrip, Rite-Aid vv printable (Great offers section)
= FREE + $1.50 in overage

2 Motrin $4.79 w/20% discount (regular price $5.99 ea.)
- $3/1 in-ad coupon for Motrin
- $6/2 Motrin from 1/9 SS
- was supposed to print $1 UP Reward but I bought the wrong size
= FREE + $1.21 in overage

6 Orajel Training Toothpaste $3.99 ea. (B1G1)
- $1/1 any Orajel from 3/13 SS
- prints $5 UP Reward wyb $10 in product
- $3/15 Rite-Aid survey coupon
= FREE + $2.03 in overage wyb 6 after UP Reward

3 M&M's $.79 cents ea. w/20% discount (sale price .88) - limit 2
- B2G1 Free M&M from 3/27 RP
- prints $.88 cent UP Reward
= FREE + .09 cents after UP Reward

3 Physician Formula $7.65, $6.00, $6.00 (B1G1 50%) - limit 3
- $5/1 Physicians Formula printable (GBC, RCG and CBC folks only; leave message and I will email to you)
- prints $5 UP Reward wyb 3 Physician Formula face makeup and bronzers
- $2/10 Go Green Bonus, Rite-Aid vv printable (no longer available)
FREE + $5.35 in overage after UP Reward wyb above

7 Visine $3.99 ea. w/20% discount (regular is 4.99ea)
- $2/1 Visine printable, printable or printable or 4/10 RP or 3/13 RP
- $1/1 Visine-A, Rite-Aid vv printable (Breathe Easier section)
- $10 UP Reward wyb $25 in allergy
= FREE + $.07 in overage after UP Rewards (I only have 4 video value accounts)

2 EOS Shave Cream for Women $2.99 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
- prints $2 UP Reward
= $.99 cents after UP Reward

5 boxes of candy $1.00 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
= $1.00 ea.

1 Rite-Aid Ibuprofen Liquid Gels 40ct. $4.39 w/20% discount (regular $5.49)
no coupons
= $4.39 ea.

1 Rite-Aid Foam Earplugs $3.19 w/20% discount (regular $3.99ea)
no coupons
= $3.99 ea.

TOTAL:  $154.73

NOTE: I rolled my UP Rewards and still had money left on my gift card.  I'm almost out of money from my gift card so I'll have to cash my upcoming Rite-Aid rebate check to buy another gift card to help pay for my tax.  :)

NOTE: I purchased the wrong Motrin PM.  I didn't check the ad carefully enough.  The $1 UP Reward didn't print and that was my first clue that I had done something wrong.  Turns out the UP Reward only prints on the 40-80 ct. boxes and I bought the 20 ct. boxes.

NOTE: Can you see how reaching the 20% discount level can be very beneficial (see moneymaker section above).  Make sure you have registered your wellness card online at Rite-Aid and then log-in regularly to see how close you are to the 1000 point level. All of your manufacturer coupons count towards your wellness points (along with a 25 point bonus if you fill your prescriptions at Rite-Aid).  Rite-Aid coupons do not count toward your wellness point balance.  Last year it took me 7 months to reach the 1000 point level; this year it only took me 4 months (i.e. start out slow and grow your balance as you shop; if you shop at Rite-Aid regularly then you might hit that 1000 point level by the end of the year).  If you reach 1000 points by December then you will enjoy 20% off of everything in the store for the rest of 2012.

NOTE: I didn't actually buy all 7 of the Visine's yet.  I have to go to another store to purchase 4 more this afternoon.  Just including the scenario so that you can go out and do it if you use Visine or you are interested in stocking up on items to sell at a garage sale.


  1. Wow, great job! How fun that you have a drive-in theater nearby....I'm sorry you guys didn't get to see the movie! Good luck getting a place tonight! :-)

  2. Thanks Ruth. We love having a drive-in. I grew up going to drive-in's and when we moved to the South that was something that I really missed (now I miss Publix since we aren't in the South anymore).

    BTW, nice shop this week at Publix. That's a pretty decent savings. :)

  3. Great shopping, as usual!

    I didn't make it to RA this week. If I don't get my act together, I may not make it tomorrow either.

    We grew up going to drive-ins, too, but all the local ones were gone before my kids got big enough to go.
    They have one or two over in Alabama I keep saying we're going to go to, but so far haven't.

    I can't believe how big your little one is getting. I remember when she was newborn. And Sav was just a toddler. Time sure does fly.

  4. Melissa, time does definitely fly by. Our little daughter just turned two (which should give you some indication of how long you and and I have been at this crazy couponing game). :) I know that we have both been doing this for about 4 years now right?

  5. I thought I'd been doing it 2 years, but if the baby is 2, then I guess it has to have been longer.

    Like a kid, I apparently don't have a good concept of time.
    I was talking to my Aunt not long ago, referencing an event from 10 years ago...she was like, Uh, that was 17 years ago. :-O