Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2ND UPDATE: Rite-Aid, 3/27-4/2

I made a special trip to Rite-Aid tonight to get the Tangled DVD/Nexxus deal.  I'm not sure what I was thinking but I was surprised that they were stocked out of the movie.  I guess I figured that they would have a huge display with the Nexxus and the Tangled movie on the end cap. 

I couldn't have been more wrong...  

When I finally found the tag for the movie I realized that they probably had only stocked 3 or 4 of the movies for the whole store.  I thought that was a little strange.  I talked to the cashier and he told me that Rite-Aid doesn't even order the movies that come to the store.  They come via a different vendor and are shipped UPS.  They weren't sure when they would have more in the store but I asked for a raincheck anyway.  I had worked out a scenario to get the Nexxus and movie for free so we'll see what happens when I go back for my raincheck next week.  

Hope some of you were able to get the movie this week.  It is a really fun movie!

UPDATE: I called my secret weapon store to find out if they had the Tangled movie in stock.  The cashier initially said that they didn't receive the movie.  I asked her if she thought they might have some in the back because I had been searching for the movie for a couple of days.  She put me on hold and came back and told me that she had "found them."  Yahoo.  I asked her to hold a copy for me and I made a special trip to get the movie for my daughter.  There was much rejoicing in our household today!  She took the movie over to her friend's house and watched it with them.  I can't wait to see the movie again as there are several scenes/songs that I really love.  I also picked up some more greeting cards and some more gum (I had several more tearpad coupons that I found a few months ago that I needed to use).

Click on the picture for more detail...

27 American Greetings Cards $.79 ea. w/20% discount (regular $.99 cents)
- $3/3 American Greetings in-ad coupon
= FREE + $.20 cents overage 

4 Orbit Gum $1.29 ea. (B1G1)
- B1G1 printable coupon (may not be available any longer)
- $.25/1 Orbit, Rite-Aid printable (Candy section)
= FREE + $.50 cents overage wyb two packages

32 Trident Vitality $1.29 ea. (B1G1)
- B1G1 Trident Vitality from 3/6 SS or B1G1 tearpad from Safeway a few months ago
- $.25/1 Trident Vitality, Rite-Aid printable (Candy section)
= FREE + $.50 cents overage wyb two packages

2 Mars Easter Candies $.80 cents ea. w/20% discount (sale price is $.88 cents)
- $2/2 any Mars Easter Candy from April All You magazine
= FREE + $.40 cents overage wyb two candies

1 Almay Single Eye shadowCosmetics $1.87 (clearance) 
1 Almay One Coat Mascara $4.19 (40% sale price) 
- $3/2 Almay tearpad (found in store on one of the Almay displays)
- $5 SCR Rebate wyb two Almay cosmetics
FREE + $1.94 overage wyb the above cosmetics

2 Aveeno Moisturizer 2.5 oz. $3.49, $1.74 (B1G1 50%) 
1 Aveeno Moisturizer 2.5 oz. $2.79 w/20% discount
- $2/1 Aveeno facial care printable (may not be available any longer)
- $5 UP Reward wyb 3 Aveeno products
= FREE + $2.98 overage wyb 3 Aveeno products after UP Reward

2 Biore Pore Strips 8ct. $6.39 w/20% discount (regular $7.99)
2 Biore Cleansers $6.39 w/20% discount (regular $7.99)
- FREE Biore Cleanser wyb any Pore Strip from 3/6 SS
- $2/2 peelie found on product
- $10 UP Reward wyb $20 in product
= $.19 cents ea. after UP Reward

4 Physicians Formula Eye Pencils $4.40 w/20% discount 
- $4/1 peelie found on Physician Formula display (hot pink peelie)
= $.40 cents ea.

3 John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo/Conditioner $5.59 w/20% discount (regular $6.99)
- $1/1 John Frieda Full Repair, Rite-Aid VV printable (no longer available)
- $1/1 John Frieda hangtag (right on product)
- $5.38 towards $20 product total; tracking from the Biore deal
- $10 UP Reward wyb $20 in product
=  $.25 cents ea. after UP Reward

1 Tangled movie $18.39 w/20% discount (sale price $19.99)
1 Nexxus ProMend Shampoo $7.99 (sale price)
- $3/15 survey Rite-Aid coupon
- $3/1 Nexxus Pro Mend, Rite-Aid VV printable (Hair Care section)
- prints $10 UP Reward wyb Tangled and one Nexxus item
- submit for $5 Success Rice/Tangled rebate 
= $5.38

TOTAL:  $202.87
SAVINGS:  104%

NOTE: Keep your eyes peeled for tearpads in the makeup section of the store.  Check all of the end caps and all of the new makeup displays.  They often contain tearpad coupons.  Grab some when you see them.  They will usually make the item free when it goes on sale.

NOTE: Diapers are a good deal this week.  Here's the scenario:

1 big box of Huggies diapers $15.99 ea. w/20% discount 
- use $3/15 survey coupon if you have one left
- use $3/1 Huggies from Rite-Aid website printable
= $9.99 for the large box of diapers (this is the equivalent to about 3 of the Jumbo packages so basically $3.33 a package which is a great deal).

**(Irmie, Jerilyn, Kelley and Anna; call me if you want to use my discount for this deal).

NOTE: There are so many video values coupons this month that my head is swimming. This is an unusual month.  I have never seen this many videos before.  I watched all of the videos for one of my accounts and I'm pretty sure that it took me almost 3 hours.  Yikes.  We'll have to see if it's worth it to watch them for the other accounts.  Maybe we can scan the upcoming ads on to see what is going to be on sale so that we know which videos we will need to watch.   

NOTE: I have a raincheck for the Tangled/Nexxus deal.  If you are from CBC, RCG or GBC and would like the raincheck for the movie and the Nexxus then please leave me a comment and I will get it to you.  :)


  1. Isn't that the truth about the videos,it can take forever. I have made a habit of when the month starts I watch the videos and at the same time do my deals for the week in another window. Usually by the end of the month I have watched all coupons for my 4 accounts. Isn't that what we as women do best, multi-task ?!


  2. Oh by the way thanks for the moneymakers tips. I tell ya I have been doing this for years but you clearly have a good eye and math skills to find these great deals.


  3. Christa, so nice to hear from you today. :)

    I had to laugh about your comment re: my math skills. Thank goodness couponing requires simple math skills or I would really be in trouble. I carry a calculator with me through the store and utilize it for all of my transactions. I started doing this when I used to shop at Publix in Nashville. I would add my moneymaker items and then subtract my sale items and then throw in what I needed if I had anything left. I really liked to see my balance move down to zero. :)

    I think I enjoy couponing because it is very similar to the strategy games that I grew up playing. We had over 1,000 games in our home and I always had to strategize against my VERY competitive family to win any game. My father used to take us to game tournaments from the time that I was 10 years old. I find it a challenge to bring my balance very low.

    The reason that I continue to run this blog is because I want to show my friends that they can get the items that they need for their family with very little money. This has proven to be a good strategy for many of them since the economy has slumped.

  4. Thanks for the tip on the American Greeting cards. Took a family trip to Rite Aid this morning and scored 18 cards, and bunch of other stuff for a quarter. Matt was totally impressed. See you soon!

  5. Glad to know that the videos don't usually take that long to watch. I was wondering if they were ever going to end. :)

    Thanks for the offer on the diapers but I am now stocked up for quite a while. I still have diapers from a baby shower.

  6. Kathy......touchdown!!! Awesome.


    Jerilyn, it's possible that Rite-Aid is moving in the direction of having more videos to watch every month. We'll see.