Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rite-Aid, 2/6-2/12

I headed to my new gym this morning to fit in a post-breakfast workout.  I just joined a new gym that is only .8 miles from my house.  For my friends with children you KNOW how amazing this is.  This basically means that I can walk out the door and drive less than a minute to my gym and drop my children off at the in-house daycare and get a workout and get back home within an hour. 

I decided to venture out after my workout to see if I could fit in a quick shop.  My hubby is working late nights over the next few months and if I am going to head to Rite-Aid I am going to have to take my children with me.  So, off I went.

For the third week in a row I am amazed that my Rite-Aid was well-stocked.  The only thing that they didn't have in stock were the Betty Crocker Cookie mixes.  I will try and find some tonight when I head out with my friend Anna.  In the meantime, I found some pretty good deals.

4 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes and Frosting $2.00 ea. (sale price)
- $.75/1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix and Frosting 1/30 SS
- prints $2 UP Reward wyb 2
- prints additional $1 UP Reward for each Betty Crocker item  
= FREE + $.75 overage wyb 2 after UP Rewards

8 Halls Cough Drops 30-count $1.00 ea. (sale price)
- $.50/1 Halls Rite-Aid VV printable (Winter Rewards section)
- $1/2 Halls 30-ct. from 2/6 SS
- prints $1 UP Reward wyb 2
= FREE + $1.00 overage wyb 2 after UP Reward

2 Greeting Cards $3.59 & $2.39 w/20% wellness disc.
- FREE Greeting Card (up to $3.00) wyb K-Y Yours & Mine from 2/6 SS
= FREE & $.59 cents

4 Biotrue Contact Lens Solution 4oz. $4.99 ea. (regular price)
$1/1 Biotrue printable (any item over 2oz. printable no longer available)
- prints $4 UP Reward
= FREE after UP Reward

2 Finesse Shampoo & Conditioner $3.00 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
- prints $5 UP Reward wyb 2
= $.50 ea. wyb 2 after UP Reward

2 K-Y Yours & Mine $15.99 ea. w/20% wellness disc. ($17.99 ea. sale price)
- $7/1 any K-Y Yours+Mine printable ("like" K-Y on facebook and print)
- $3/1 any K-Y Yours+Mine Rite-Aid VV printable (Love is in the Air section)
- prints $5 UP Reward
= $1.00 ea. after UP Reward

2 Rite-Aid Mediterranean Apricots $1.99 ea. (sale price)
no coupons
- prints $1 UP Reward wyb 2
= $1.49 ea. after UP Reward

3 Scunci Hair clips and bands $3.35, $4.23, $2.79 w/20% wellness disc.
no coupons
- prints $5 UP Reward wyb $10 in product
= $1.79 ea. after UP Reward

1 bag of sweethearts candy $1.99 ea.
no coupons
= $1.99 ea.

TOTAL:  $123.82


  1. yay for the great gym! *jealous* :)

    I think the Biotrue printable is for the larger size though... (it was when I printed that one, maybe they changed it since then)

    Oh, and yay for a well-stocked store!

  2. Brandy, thanks for stopping by to say hello. I was very thankful to get back to the gym after a mysterious 6 month absence. My body and my mind were becomming weary without exercise.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Biotrue printable. There were two different printables on Biotrue's website. The initial coupon was for any item over 2oz., however, I just noticed that the new one is for any item over 10oz. They must have changed it. Still, .99 cents is a good price if you use solution (which I don't).

    So, how are the kiddos? Savannah and Sydney are doing well. We've settled into our new home and we're enjoying the 70 degree weather here. It's been nice to get outside in February to play. I love that part of living here. I saw that ya'll have been having some great snow there; we certainly miss all of the fun of sledding in the snow. Have ya'll had a chance to get out and play?

  3. You probably already noticed this, but with the Safeway booklet (plus Feb snack UPs) you can get Ritz crackers (various types) for .25 a box. You inspired this shop for me :) Thanks!

  4. I've decoded most of your lingo - but what is SS? I'm ready to start saving some - let's pick a date ;) Tiff

  5. Mary, I did notice the Ritz crackers, however, all of the stores that I went to were out of them. :( I meant to get a raincheck but forgot.


    Hi Tiffany. SS stands for SmartSource. It is the acronymn for one of the inserts that comes in the Sunday newspaper. I'm free most weeknights in March. Talk to the other gals and pick a date on a Monday or Tuesday weeknight and let me know via email. Love you!