Thursday, October 9, 2014

I really appreciate this book.  Unlike many other books and articles that I have read on health this one is based upon actual medical studies.  I have read so many articles recently that were written by non-experts that have had an "experience" with an alternative medicine/essential oil/a particular diet.  This book is soundly based on documented medical research.  While we will undoubtedly cringe at the medical advice that he have taken one day as more and more studies are done I would still rather base my current lifestyle on "what we know works" rather than on some non-expert's opinion.  Dr. Furman's advice to be extremely cautious about taking alternative medicine without double blind clinical trials is sound advice.  He mentions people that did not heed this advice and the numerous complications that can arise from taking something that has not been tested thoroughly.  I have been thinking recently that the internet has propagated a non-medical culture and a suspicious one at that.  While I am not a HUGE medical advocate I still really appreciated Dr. Furman's common sense approach to taking care of your body. 

He has numerous chapters that offer good advice about nutrition and exercise and reading his book is like having an armchair physician at your side telling you all of the things that you need to hear to be informed about what you should do to care for your vascular system and help you to avoid major problems with your body like cancer, dementia, diabetes, alzheimer's, etc.  My doctor has never told me that I need to lose weight but Dr. Furman very directly tells me what my doctors are afraid to point out.  I am headed for some pretty serious problems if I don't make some changes.  I like Dr. Furman's style and he is easy to listen to. 

So thankful for this book and for Dr. Furman's care and advice.  He is someone that I hope that many people will listen to.  He cares for his patients and you feel as though he cares for you as you are reading his book.  He wrote this book because he is passionate about people. 

He is donating all of the proceeds of his book to Samaritan's purse which just shows me that he has put his money where his mouth is.  He only wrote the book because he really wants others to know about how to care for their bodies so that they can live a younger life and be useful for many years. 

NOTE: I received a copy of this book from Revell for my unbiased review.

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