Sunday, October 31, 2010

UPDATED AGAIN: Rite-Aid, Sunday 10/31/10, Tuesday 11/2/10, Thursday 11/4/10

Who said that it was a slow week at Rite-Aid?  Not me.  :) 

IT'S STOCK UP ON MEDICINE WEEK!!  Medicine is always free or close to free at the end of October/beginning of November.  Take advantage of this time of the year to stock up on your favorite medicines.  Throw out the old medicine and replace it with FREE medicine!  Get out those $5/25 Rite Aid coupons and get to work!

I am amazed at the deals at Rite-Aid from week to week.  I have been spending more time preparing every week because there are just so many things that are free!  I hope you enjoy this week's shopping trip!

Ok, here's the deal:
NOTE: (for more coupon combinations please go to  Click on the picture to expand it.


DIABETES DEAL - buy $30 in diabetes products, get $5 UP Reward, Limit 1
2 Bayer Contour Meters $14.99 ea. (sale price)
- $5/1 Bayer Contour Meter, Rite-Aid VV printable
 -$10 off Bayer Meter or Monitor, incl Contour, 8/1 RP (exp. 10/31)
1 Soy Joy Bar $.70 ea. (sale price)
no coupons (had to add this diabetic product to reach $30)
- prints $5 UP Reward
= FREE + $4.32 overage after $5 UP Reward

DIABETES DEAL - buy $30 in diabetes products, get $5 UP Reward, Limit 1 (did this deal with my husband's wellness card)
2 One Touch Delica Lancet Devices $19.99 ea. (regular price)
- $19.99/1 Q from 10/31 SS
- $5/1 One Touch Lancet Device, Rite-Aid VV printable
- prints $5 UP Reward
= FREE + $15 overage after UP Reward 

4 Orbit Gum $1.29 ea. B1G1
- $.50/1 Orbit Gum, Rite-Aid VV printable (had to view by 10/23)
- $1/2 Orbit Gum blinkie (found at Safeway)
= FREE + $.71 overage wyb 2

4 Kendall Antimicrobial Gauze, Non-Stick Pads, etc. $3.50 ea (sale price)
- $3 SCR #77 WYB (1)
- $2.50/1 Kendall AMD Antimicrobial Wound Care product printable
= FREE + $1.00 overage wyb 2 after $3 online Rite-Aid rebate

2 Colgate Total Toothpaste 4.2oz. $2.79 B1G1
- $1/1 Colgate Total products, Rite-Aid VV  printable
- $1/1 Q from 10/31 ss or $.75/1 printable
= FREE + $1.21 overage wyb 2

1 One Touch Delica Lancet Device $19.99 ea. (regular price)
- $19.99/1 Q from 10/31 SS
- $5/1 One Touch Lancet Device, Rite-Aid VV printable
- prints $5 UP Reward
= FREE + $5 overage after UP Reward 


4 Summer's Eve Douche $2.99 ea. (regular price)
- $2/1 Rite Aid printable
- $2/2 Summer's Eve printable

6 Reach Dental Floss $.99 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 printable or 10/10 RP

3 Splenda w/Fiber $2.99 ea. (sale price)
- $2/1 Splenda w/fiber printable (IE) or printable (FF) or 9/26 RP
- prints $1 UP Reward
= FREE after UP Reward

6 Trident Layers Gum $1.49 ea. B1G1
- $.75/1 printable from facebook

4 Colgate 360 Toothbrushes $3.99 B1G1
- $1/1 Colgate 360 Toothbrush, Rite-Aid VV  printable
- $1/1 printable or $.75/1 printable

2 St. Ives Apricot Scrub 10 oz., Collagen Moisturizer 10 oz., Naturally Clear Cleanser 6.75 oz. or Scrub 4.5 oz $3.99 ea. (sale price)
-$3 SCR #64 WYB (1)
- $1/1 St. Ives product Q from Safeway Summer Savings booklet
= FREE after $3.00 online Rite-Aid rebate

8 Right Guard Deoderant $4.49 B1G1 (used raincheck from last week)
- B1G1 Right Guard from 10/31 RP

17 Soy Joy $.70 ea. (sale price)
- $1/5 SoyJoy bars Rite-Aid VV  printable
- B2G1 Soyjoy bar, printable, or 10/3 SS
- $1/3 Soyjoy bar printable
= .10 cents ea.

8 Orbit Gum $1.29 ea. B1G1
- $1/2 Orbit Gum blinkie (found at Safeway)
= $.15 cents ea.

4 Stide Shift Gum $1.49 ea B1G1 (they had other Stride Gums that were $1.29 B1G1)
- $.50/1 Stride Gum, Rite-Aid VV printable
= $.25 cents ea.

38 Boxes Kashi Cereal 12.4-17.5oz, $2.44 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 peelies (found on products at Kroger, Publix, etc. almost 4 months ago)
- $2 UP Reward wyb 2
= $.44 ea. after UP Reward

7 Children's Advil $6.99 (regular price)
- $1/1 Children's Advil, Rite-Aid VV  printable
- $2/1 in-ad coupon

- $2/1 printable (plays loud video - turn down sound)
- prints $1 UP Reward
= $.99 cents ea. after UP Reward

3 Tylenol Adult Liquid 8oz. $4.99 ea.
- $1/1 Tylenol Rite-Aid VV  printable
- $2/1 Tylenol
- prints $1 UP Reward
= $.99 cents ea. after UP Reward

LOREAL DEAL - buy $15 in Loreal skin/makeup products, get $5 UP Reward
1 Loreal Infallible Longwear Lip Duo Compact $11.99 ea. (Buy 1, Get 2nd 50% off)
- $3/1 Loreal lip product from $128 clip n save booklet from pharmacy (flu shot booklet)
- $1/1 off any Loreal product printable
1 Loreal Lip pencil $8.99 ea. (rang up half price at $4.45)
- $3/1 Loreal lip product from $128 clip n save booklet from pharmacy (flu shot booklet)
- $1/1 off any Loreal product printable
- prints $5 UP Reward wyb $15 of product
= $1.74 ea. after UP Reward

2 NatureMade Fish Oils $10.49 ea. B1G1
- $3/1 NatureMade printables (see note below for instructions)
- $1/10 Rite-Aid vitamin printable
= $1.74 ea.

2 Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets $5.79 ea. B1G1
- $2/1 Clean and Clear printable
= $2.34 ea.

2 Benadryl Children's 4oz. $4.99 ea. (sale price)
- $1/1 Benadryl Q (expired 10/31 - no longer available)
- prints $1 UP Reward
= $2.99 ea.

THINGS I NEEDED (a subtle wink to my mom's group back home in Nashville - see "marriage bed undefiled" for more information)

1 KY Kissable Sensations $19.99 ea. (regular price)
- $5.00/1 Kissable Sensations, Rite-Aid VV printable (had to view by 10/23)
- $5.00/1 KY Kissable Sensations
- prints $7 UP Reward
= $2.99 ea.

1 KY Intrigue $29.99 ea. (regular price)
- $5.00/1 Intrigue, Rite-Aid VV printable (had to view by 10/23)
- $5.00/1 KY Intrigue
- prints $7 UP Reward
= $12.99

1 Dora Tub Time Bath Kit $5.99 ea. (regular price)
no coupons (had to throw in to absorb some of my overage on the One Touch Lancet device deal)
= $5.99

2 Kushy Crew Socks $3.99 ea. (regular price)
- $2/1 any Kushy product, Rite-Aid VV printable
= $1.99 ea.

1 Bag Skittles $1.99 ea. (regular price)
no coupons (had to throw in to absorb some of my overage on the One Touch Lancet device deal)
= $1.99 ea.

2 Heath Bars $.44 ea. (2 for $.88 cents sale price)
no coupons (had to throw in to absorb some of my overage on the One Touch Lancet device deal)
= $.44 ea.

Fifteen transactions using fifteen $5/25 Rite Aid printables

TOTAL:   $690.74
TOTAL AFTER SAVINGS:   $0   (rolled UP Rewards and put tax on gift card)

Limit on Tylenol: The cash register limited me to 3 Tylenol Liquids.  They said that they were afraid that I was going to start a Meth lab.  LOL.  You can only purchase 3 Tylenol liquids within a certain timeframe (maybe every 6 months)??

NatureMade Coupons: To obtain the $3/1 NatureMade vitamin Q go to RecycleBank and sign up.  You need 100 points to print two of these $3/1 Q's.  After you sign up go to the earn points section and sign up for Ebay green emails then search your house for your NatureMade vitamin containers.  Go back to the "earn rewards" section of the website and look for the NatureMade banner and click on it.  Input your UPC Codes (you can input up to five codes).  This should give you enough points to get the $3/1 Q.  Print twice and then go to Rite-Aid and get some vitamins.  Combine this deal with a $5/25 transaction and you have FREE vitamins!  UPDATE: My account is now showing that these coupons cost 200 points.  Not sure if that is the same for other folks.  They must have been really popular.  FYI....the Kashi cereal that I purchased has codes inside the box that you can input on RecycleBank.  Just look for boxes that advertise that the codes are in the box.  So far it looks as though the Kashi Autumn Harvest box has the codes.

Online Rite-Aid Rebates: There is an online Rite-Aid rebate for the St. Ives and the Kendall antimicrobial bandages.  I will submit the rebates twice (one for me and one for my husband through his work address).  I will receive back $12.00 total.

Thanking your cashiers: I gave away 2 boxes of cereal to my cashiers.

Rainchecks and UP Rewards: Don't forget to get rainchecks if your store is out of an item.  Make sure the rainchecks have the correct price and that the UP Reward amount is written on the raincheck.  When you return with the raincheck they will adjust the price to the amount that you would have paid AFTER the UP reward.  For example, if the Nivea Happy Lotion was on sale for $5.99 and it produced a $5 UP Reward then they will only charge you $.99 cents for the lotion.  The registers cannot produce UP Rewards after the sale is over.  Don't dismay if your store is out of stock.  Just bring a copy of the ad with you when you shop and take a sharpie along and circle the items that are out of stock and then give it to the person at the register so that they can start working on your rainchecks as you continue to shop.  Stop back by the register on the way out and get your rainchecks.

Not on sale in Northern California: None of the clearning products mentioned at SouthernSavers are on sale in our regions (i.e. glad trash bags, febreeze, downy, the 20oz. tide stain release, etc).  The 18ct. Tide stain release is still on sale but the cleaning products are not. I checked with my Rite-Aid and they were willing to price match the item but said that they couldn't give me the UP Rewards.  If you want your Rite-Aid to price match then you need to bring in a copy of the national ad which can be obtained at  You can also go to this website to get a copy of the upcoming ads so that you can plan future shops.

RightGuard deoderants: If you didn't get a raincheck for the Right Guard well don't be dismayed.  They will go on sale again the week of 11/14 and they will be B1G1 then.  Just hold onto those coupons and use them the week of 11/14.

UP Reward not printing for One-Touch Lancet Device: UP Reward did not print for the One Touch Lancet Device; will call Rite-Aid tomorrow to have them send me the $5 UP.  UPDATE: Called Rite-Aid at  1-800-748-3243 and they are going to send me the $5 UP; you will need your Wellness card number and your receipt when you call.


  1. I'm impressed each week at all the "extras" that you find compared to other sites. I'd love to know the process you take when making your weekly list. Thanks for your posts; your site is definitely my favorite!!!

  2. Hey Tshanina. I see that you're still working the deals in TN. :)

    I have a somewhat photographic memory for my coupons and I take the time to scour the ad on so that I know what is coming up the next week. I usually find a few good deals the first time I run the ad and then I think about the coupons that I have and find more deals. I like to solve problems and finding good coupon combinations seems like a good solution!

  3. Thanks for visiting my place and commenting, Kelly. I enjoyed your RA shop, too. I didn't know about the Summer's Eve. Don't find too many deals on that.

  4. Hey Kel! Decided to swing by Ilovepublix to see if you had posted lately and what do I find but my recent mistress, Rite Aid!!

    Yay!! Good to *see* you!

  5. Hi Kelly. Another great week. Amazing that you can get such deals. I love you!

  6. Hey Brandy, I've been checking your blog. :) Thanks for all of the great posts!

    Josie, hi there. So nice to see you today; enjoyed hanging out with you. Hope we got your computers all squared away and you can print coupons now. I'll let you know about the memory when Jason gets back to me. Love you too!

  7. still amazing even on the West Side. my hubs works for Publix now on Moores. it's fun to say "hey can you pick me up... on your way out the door" : )

  8. Charity, I miss you my amazing hair woman! I haven't had a decent haircut since your last cut. I guess Northern CA isn't the same as Southern CA! LOL. Wish you were here (literally). Love you sweet friend.

  9. Charity, I can't believe your husband works for Publix now. How awesome is that? Keep us posted re: how he likes working there. I still think that it would be my dream job to work there (wink).

  10. OHHHH,
    I love new updates so nice to do that. Thank You so much. I seem to only do Riteaid these days its just so easy and everything I could possibly need is there. Your details are a great reference thanks so much.

  11. Hi Kelly,

    I've been checking your blog here and there for the past week now (after clicking on your savings link on and I have definitely benefited from all of your transaction listings! I was born and raised in SoCal and moved to Tennessee just a year and a half ago. I wanted to know: you are on the West Coast now, right? All of my friends and family are there and I have been going on and on about the great deals I have been getting since extreme couponing. I would love to direct some of my girlfriends to your site if you are indeed in Cali! Thanks for all of your detailed info! Very impressive and motivating!


  12. Kriss, do you have a Publix near you? How long have you been extreme couponing? I have written several good articles for shopping at Publix on my old blog They are in the Sept. 2009 section. They may help you if you have a Publix nearby. They are entitled, "Approaching the register, Slotting fees, and Selling your Stockpile."

  13. Christa, hi there! Thanks for letting me know that this has been helpful. I really appreciate it. It takes a long time to type up this information and I really appreciate it when my readers leave a comment telling me that it has been useful to them. Makes my day!


    Kriss, I was raised in SoCal also (Redondo Beach, Thousand Oaks, Valencia, Pasadena, and then finally Burbank). I moved to TN back in 2002 and lived there for 8 years. I attended Community Bible Church there and we had a large group of couponers in our church which was really fun. Our mom's group shared coupons every week and we really enjoyed getting some good deals. I love shopping at Publix and really miss the deals you can get there. I started shopping at Rite-Aid so that I could get some of my groceries for free because now I live in the land of no doubles. :( I am in Northern CA (close to the wine country). What part of TN are you living in?

    The other stores that I sometimes write posts for are Raley's (which is a Northern CA store) and Safeway. I may also start posting on WinnCo which is the low price leader for my area.

    Nice to have you on the blog. :)

  14. Hello to my OTHER favorite Kelly Webster!
    Thanks for taking the time to list all this stuff for us. After seeing your deals, I plan on going again this week (hopefully). Jevon and I tried on Saturday and did okay.
    Miss you, my friend!

  15. Kelley, nice to hear from you sista! I talked to Irmie yesterday and she told me that you went on Saturday. That's really not the best day to shop as it is the end of the sale and most of the "hot" items will be out of stock. Of course, you could always get a raincheck (which I highly recommend). It's actually advantageous to get rainchecks since the chances of a better coupon coming out after the sale is highly likely. Just make sure you have them write down the UP reward amount on the raincheck. They will price adjust the item to the sale amount and then deduct the UP Reward value from the price of the item. :)

    Keep me posted re: how you are doing with your couponing. The folks that leave the most comments on my blog are usually the ones that I end up devoting my time to in terms of teaching them how to do better.

    I always verbally warn the people that come to my classes that I don't have alot of time (which is generally true) but I try to help folks as they participate on the blog. I may do a quick follow-up class after folks have been couponing for another month so that we can get together to talk and answer any questions ya'll have. An informal get-together so to speak.

    Jason and I miss you guys too!

  16. Hi everyone just wanted to pass on a 5 diabetes +up deal.
    I could only find 1 "One Touch Delica" product.
    Purchased the "Delica" 19.99 + "15 joy bars" 10.50
    total 30.49 Q's used 5/25 + (Delica) 19.99 + 1/1 soy joy VV
    Total due 4.50 before tax get back 5+ups
    Note: I also didn't get 5+ ups. No biggie though will call customer service they have always been very friendly.

  17. Christa, nice scenario. There is also a $1/3 Soy Joy printable online and a B2G1 printable which could have lowered your balance to $0. Just an FYI....

    Thanks again for posting your scenario!

  18. Thanks for the tips, Kelly. I realize that Saturday isn't the best day to go, but I'm working up the stamina to be able to go Sunday morning before church. I've decided that I need to go at the same time every week so it becomes a habit. Otherwise, I'll forget or it will be too inconvenient to try to cram it in someplace. However, I was able to get all that I wanted with the exception of the Huggies diapers. They didn't have them in Mia's size. So I did get a raincheck. Jevon and I are going to go tonight to take advantage of the deals you listed on your website. This weekend I will look at the sales for next week and try to go Sunday morning. I'll keep you posted!
    A follow-up class would be helpful now that we have some experience under our belts. We'll be able to ask more educated questions this time.
    Thanks for your time, Kelly. Say hi to your family for us!


  19. Kelley, the diapers are going to be on sale again the week of 11/14-11/20 and they are going to be an even better deal. There will be a $3 UP Reward per pack (instead of a $2 UP Reward). So, this is the scenario that you can do:

    3 packages of Huggies diapers (Pure & Natural, Little Snugglers, Little Movers) $8.99 ea. X 3 = $26.97
    - use three $2.50/1 Huggies Q's
    - use $5/25
    - prints $3 UP per package
    = $5.47 for 3 packages of diapers (or $1.82 a package)

    If you have the Rite-Aid Video Values coupons for $1/1 Huggies then you can save $3 more dollars on this deal making it $2.47 plus tax for 3 packages of diapers. A terrific deal.

    Sunday morning before church is really the best time to go if you can because everything is in stock. The downside is that most of the sale items may not be marked so you will have to get used to shopping with the Rite-Aid ad. I did this 3 weeks ago for the first time and it was a little tricky (just make sure you read the ad carefully noting the size that is on sale, etc). If you make a mistake then don't panic; just return the item the next week or return it right away if it is food (since they can't resell food).

  20. Cool! Thanks for the scenario. We'll definitely be trying that one! We didn't make it to Rite Aid last night but I'm planning on going tonight. Hopefully I'll not spend as much as last week. :)

  21. Congratulations, your website is the website of the week at

  22. Thanks supersavingmommy! Just wanted to let you know that both of the posts that you referenced were at Rite-Aid (you listed one as Walgreens). Couldn't find a place to post a correction on your blog so I'm posting it here. Thanks again!

  23. Hi Kelly,

    Sorry I am just now writing you back! Our house has been trading colds and we're all finally back in action!

    I've been extreme couponing for about two months now. I live in Chattanooga and tend to stick to shopping at Publix, BI-Lo (mainly meat) and Rite Aid (Oh, how I LOVE Rite Aid). My last trip to Rite Aid sent me home with 8 deodorants and full price Drano for .17 cents -- what's not to love?! I'm familiar with all of the places you grew up in SoCal. I was born in Long Beach but mainly grew up in the Inland Empire -- Riverside & Corona. I spent my last 6 years in Cali in Los Angeles and it was (and still is) home to me. I went to college and was married there.

    Have you thought about making a site like Southern Savers for West Coasters? Does anything like that exist?

    Thanks for responding to my comments! By the way, you're Rite Aid trip from this past Sunday blew my mind! I can't believe you got all that for under $30 bucks!

  24. Kriss,

    Thanks for writing back. We're trading colds at the moment in our household!

    My husband and I both used to work in downtown Los Angeles. We worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers when we lived there. We lived in Silverlake (which is one of my favorite places to live).

    I have given thought to making a website for couponers on the West Coast. No one has done that here and I think that there is a market for it, however, it's not the right time in my life to take on such a task. Hopefully someone will take the time to do it so that we can have some good coupon match-ups for the stores in our area. If I wasn't raising a family I would devote my time to creating an excellent resource for Westerners. :)

    Well, have a good day Kriss. Glad you're enjoying the posts.

  25. O Wow! I worked for the current City Councilman of the 4th district
    (my last job) -- which included Silverlake, Los Feliz, and the lovely Griffith Park. I've spent a lot of time there and miss those places -- not the job! ;)

    I was just telling my husband that there is an incredible market for such a site in Cali! It would definitely be a TON of constant work and with the amount of diapers you have and shopping you do for your own fam, I can see that it would take an incredible amount of time away. I can hardly clip my coupons every week with my little one walking around trying to eat them.

    Thanks again for responding. I will continue to enjoy your site. Take care!